1 April 2015

You Beauty Discovery Box March 2015

I was on Bex' blog the other day when I saw her post on the You Beauty Discovery Box. I'm not normally one for subscriptions to beauty box's mainly because I'm a poor student but when I saw that the March box came with a gorgeous Illamasqua Red lipstick I became intrigued. I'm a huge sucker for a red lipstick.

So this box is £6.95 and you get to pick 2 products out of a monthly short-list of 6-10 products that you want and then you get the box with a few added extras. It's a great way to try products that you don't want to pay full price for in case you don't get on with them. It's also a pretty good bargain considering I got an Illamasqua lipstick for £6.95

Because I ordered this so late in the month this box is now unavailable. Sorry. Anyway here's what I got in the box

You Beauty Discovery box

you beauty box march 2015

You beauty discovery box march 2015

#LipGlam Natural Linolin Lip Balm - £9.99 - As most bloggers I am addicted to lip balm and this one is multi purpose. Magical. It can be used as cuticle ointment and lip & mascara primer and so much more. When you wear as much lipstick as me soft lips are a must. I tried this as soon as the box arrived this morning and it did make my lips feel more hydrated. I thought this would be perfect with the lipstick as it's a matte so probably quite drying. Will post a full review once Ive given it a test run.

Dove Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner - Im interested to try this as my hair probably isn't classed as ageing at the grand old age of 21 but it has been badly treated so it might help.

Nakd Cocoa & Orange bar - I am so excited to try this. I'm trying to eat healthier and this sounds delicious and may be a better alternative when I'm craving chocolate (written whilst munching an easter bad. I'm weak)

Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers Blood Red - £18.50 - Oh my this lipstick is such a gorgeous colour and at £18.50 it makes the box worth it just for this and it's my first Illamasqua lippie. Red is my go to colour and I rock a red lip day or night casual or dressy and this is such a perfect shade. I will post a full review as soon as I've worn it more.

Have you tried the You Beauty Box before?


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