28 June 2018

Roses + Whiskey Jewellery

If you read my May favourites you will have seen that I am in love with a new small business run by Jessica.

Roses + Whiskey is a gorgeous shop selling handmade crystal jewellery. Honestly, everything is so beautiful. That would probably be why I seem to have amassed such a large collection. I can't seem to say no to all the beautiful crystals. Not only is there quite a large choice of crystals, but you can also pick a chain length and colour to suit you. A black cord has also been recently introduced which looks great.

Roses + Whiskey jewellery
20 June 2018

Book Review// Her Secret by Kelly Florentia

When I was asked if I wanted to review this book I was so excited. The end of the last book ended with a bit of a question on who Audrey chose and I needed to know everything that happened. I am now way too invested in her life. I mean I definitely had a favourite guy (hint: I def prefer Nick). This book did not disappoint and answered all my questions, including ones I didn't know I had.

Her Secret by Kelly Florentia Review
11 June 2018

Bravura London Chemical Peels

As you all know and are probably sick of hearing, I have incredibly dry skin. Like so dry that I look like I have scales if I wear foundation. I also suffer with a lot of breakouts on my chin. Before Christmas, I treated myself to a whole knew Bravura London skincare regime. I also picked up two of the recommended chemical peels and then ended up being too scared to try them. My skin can be quite fussy sometimes. I finally plucked up the courage to do a patch test and it was all fine so I took the plunge. I've been using these for about 3 months now and I am in love. I don't use them as regularly as I should and I really need to stick to a routine to get the full benefit but they are amazing

First of all Bravura absolutely kills the packaging game. How damn pretty are the glass bottles?

Bravura London Chemical Peels
8 June 2018

Read in May 2018

So May was a terrible month for reading. I was either way too busy or having to rest and watch chick flicks that required zero concentration because I'd over done it. I only just managed to finish a second book at 1 am so technically a few chapters were read in June. I am determined that next month will be better so send me all your book recommendations.

Lies That Bind Us by Andrew Hart
6 June 2018

May 2018 Favourites

May was such a busy month. I turned 25, I got to meet Charley and one of my best friends got married. Basketball season has finished for summer and I finally get some of my weekends back. Hopefully this means I might actually get some blogging done. I also desperately want to dye my hair a less boring colour asap. Purple or pink will be happening soon. What have you guys all been up to?

Anyway here's what I was loving in May apart from getting old. 

May 2018 Favourites