20 April 2016

Karma Se7en Body Jewellery

I'm a huge fan of piercings and I currently have 5 in my right ear, 3 in my left and 1 in my nose. I've been looking for some new studs for my tragus and helix for a while now because I'm terrified of losing the only ones I own. Karma Se7en kindly sent me some gorgeous pieces to put my mind at ease and I'm in love. 

18 April 2016

Spectrum Brushes

Every mermaid, unicorn loving person needs these super magical brushes in their life. Whenever I saw these on twitter or instagram I always assumed that they would be super expensive because look at all the pretty. When I actually went for a browse on the Spectrum collections site I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they are. I now want to buy ALL the brushes. I need them in my life. 

spectrum makeup brushes

17 April 2016

Scar Tissue Book Tour

I'm a huge fan of suspense books so I was excited to review Scar Tissue* by M.C Domovitch which is a Romantic suspense book. 

Scar tissue M C domovitch

11 April 2016

Fudge Urban Hair Care

I'm quite lazy when it comes to my hair but I am steadily becoming addicted to hair products that require little effort and smell amazing. I have heard so many good things about Fudge Urban and everyone raves about how delicious they smell.

Fudge urban

9 April 2016

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

A while ago I tweeted about how bad my skin was and Sanctuary Spa kindly sent me one of their masks to try and clear it up and cheer me up from my crappy week. They are such a lovely company. 

I also recently got sent another tube to review which is now making its way to Sarah (well it will be when I remember to actually post it). If you haven't already you need to go check out her blog. Its amazing and she's a babe. 

Sanctuary Spa 5 min thermal mask

7 April 2016

A Night At The Movies

I was recently contacted and asked if I wanted to host my own "Night at the Movies*". As a huge film watcher and DVD hoarder this could not have been more up my street. Movie nights in are perfect for spending quality time with friends and family and are a great way for those of us with chronic illnesses to to socialise. Cwtch up on the sofa with a blanket, delicious food, good company and a film. Heaven. 

A night at the movies

5 April 2016

Thoughts I Had When Moving Out

I'm back. Sorry for disappearing but as some of you may know I have recently moved out. I now live in a fully wheelchair accessible bungalow with zero steps and oh my god it is magical. No more sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room. No more butt shuffling around because my wheelchair doesn't fit. It's pretty much heaven, well it is now that I'm finally settled and have furniture. Life without a sofa and no wifi was pretty dark.

So my first post back is on some of the things that ran through my head whilst attempting to move out which is hella stressful btw.