13 February 2021

The Body Shop Review - Every Product I've Tried

Well, this is going to be quite the post. Just doing the pictures and the links took me forever. Who knew I had tried so many Body Shop products. I knew I liked their skincare but I didn't realise I loved so many products. This is a bumper review post of every Body Shop product I have ever tried which amounts to 45 products including skincare, body products and makeup. I've grouped them in their ranges to try and make it easier for you if you are looking for a review on a specific product. So let's jump in. 

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Collage showing a range of body shop skincare from the vitamin c range
Vitamin C  - For dull, tired and grumpy skin. This range brightens dull and lacklustre skin by giving a boost of moisture and adding some glow. It also smells so refreshing.  

1. Glow Protect Lotion - £20 - I used this as a day cream for a while because I am terrible for remembering to put on SPF. It's a really nice moisturiser I just need a little bit more hydration from mine. 

2. Daily Glow Cleansing Polish - £11 - I wouldn't repurchase this because my skin does not get on with physical exfoliators. I tend to only use this when I have dyed my hair and managed to stain my forehead. However, it's an okay scrub and doesn't feel drying but it can be quite harsh on your skin. 

3. Glow Boosting Moisturiser - £16 - When I first tried this it wasn't hydrating enough for my beyond dry skin but once I sorted out my serums/oils I could start using it again. I used it as a day cream and love it. It really does make your skin look fresh and glowy. Plus the smell wakes you up. Just a great start to the day. 

4. Skin Boost Instant Smoother - £17 - The skin boost really helps to make your skin look smoother. I actually use this as a primer because it provides the perfect glowy, even base for makeup. It feels like velvet and the glow it gives is gorgeous. 

5. Glow Revealing Liquid Peel - £16 - This product is incredible. As I said before I don't like using physical exfoliators and this peel is the perfect replacement. You massage it onto dry skin and then you'll start to feel little balls of skin forming. It's equal parts satisfying and gross but it leaves your skin baby soft and glowing. Huge fan of this peel as a pick me up for my face and everyone needs to try it. 

Collage showing a range of products from the body shops vitamin e range

Vitamin E - This beauty is able to help all skin types with some much needed hydration. It helps restore moisture and lock it in. 

1. Hydrating Toner - £8.50 - I've been using Pixi glow tonic recently but I will be going back to this when I finish it. My skin needs all the hydration it can get and this toner leaves your skin feeling great before you even get to the moisturiser step. 

2. Nourishing Night Cream - £15 - This was my go to night cream before I discovered and fell in love with the Oils of Life range. Its thick texture is perfect for providing hydration overnight. It feels a bit greasy on applying but it sinks in quickly leaving your face slime free but full of moisture.

3. Overnight Serum-In-Oil - £16 - The body shop calls this a mega hydrator. I did find it left my skin hydrated in the morning but I found it quite greasy after application. I don't think it helps that I fell head over heels for the Oils for Life face oil and tried this one for a cheaper alternative but it just doesn't match up. If you are looking for a cheaper oil though then definitely check this one out. 

4. Gentle Facial Wash - £8.50 - This face wash is nice and gentle so can be used morning and night. I use this as my second cleanse at night. It leaves my face feeling clean without being super drying or leaving it feeling tight. It's a creamy texture that lathers up and is a great cleanser if you have sensitive/irritated skin as well as dry skin. 

5. Gel Moisture Cream - £14 - This is my current day cream and I love it. I'm a huge fan of the gel formula. It isn't greasy and sinks in beautifully leaving my face feeling hydrated and ready for the day. It also sinks in pretty quick so I don't have to wait ages to apply my makeup.

6. Cooling Gel Mist - £12 - Okay first point is this mist has a very aggressive spray and leaves your face feeling wet, unlike some finer mists. It does sink in quickly though and then your left with refreshed and hydrated skin. I feel like this is going to be a staple in summer. I will be keeping it in the fridge for a nice cold refreshing spritz 

7. Sink in Moisture Sleeping Mask - £11 - I love this for whenever my skin is feeling particularly dry. I whack on a nice thick layer before bed and then wake up with beautifully plump and hydrated skin. The first time I used it I could not get over the difference in my skin. I also love the texture of it. It's a gel/cream with a bit of bounce to it. 

8. Intense Moisture Cream - £15 - This is supposed to provide you with 72 hours of hydration. I found it a bit much for use in the day but it is great at night when your skin needs a bit of extra help. I didn't use this every night but is perfect for winter.

Collage showing a range of products from the body shops oils of life range

Oils of Life - Another one for dull, tired looking skin. This one helps skin feel smoother by replenishing moisture and reviving radiance which also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

1. Eye Cream - £20 - I am terrible at remembering to put eye cream on. Probably something that I do need because my eyes are forever puffy and accessorised with dark circles due to a constant lack of sleep. This one feels great but I always end up applying too much product because it's just in a jar. 

2. Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil - £30-38 - This is the product that made me fall in love with this range and ruined any other facial oil for me. It is the most non-greasy oil I have ever tried. It sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin feeling magical. This really revolutionised my skincare routine and massively helped with my dry skin. For the first time in a long time, I can now apply foundation without it cracking on my forehead. 

3. Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-In-Gel - £12 - I'm still not sure how I feel about this cleanser. It's such a weird texture. It comes out as a gel and then you rub it in and it goes oily and then it just rinses off with water. I didn't really feel like it made much of a difference to my skin and I prefer the Vit E one. 

4. Intensely Revitalising Cream - £26 - Love this moisturiser. I think it may be my favourite moisturiser ever. I use it as a night cream because I prefer the lighter texture of my Vit E gel for the day. It's a gorgeous thick texture that sinks into my skin leaving it hydrated and glowing. It has quite a strong scent which took me a bit of getting used to but now I really like it and find it helps me get a better night routine. They do have a specific night cream in this range which I have tried and it is beautiful but I prefer the texture of the bog standard cream as it's thicker and just feels more hydrating. 

5. Intensely Revitalising Bi-Phase Essence Lotion - £16 - I never reach for this. It just felt like an unnecessary step in my skincare routine. I'm still not even sure what it does but I didn't really notice a difference when I did use it. 

Collage showing a range of products from the body shops drops of light and CBD ranges

Drops of Light - For all skin types. It helps skin look its healthiest by pepping up dull skin to give a luminous balanced skin tone. It's supposed to be great if you struggle with uneven tones. 

1. Brightening Serum - £26 - I use this serum in the morning and oh my god does it smell gorgeous. I don't like using oils in the morning because they feel too heavy for under makeup. This is a beautiful lightweight serum that just melts into the skin. It adds a bit of glow and has really helped even out my skin tone. I've also heard it's great for redness. I haven't noticed much of that but that's because mine is influenced by my health.

2. Brightening Day Cream - £23 - This is my go to day cream. Obviously, the fact it smells beautiful helps. I originally went back to the Vit E one because it's cheaper but this one leaves my skin looking so bright and healthy that I can't be without it. It is the dream for my dull dry skin. 

3. Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++ - £18-22 - I am so bad for remembering to put SPF on every day. I'm pretty good in summer because the heat reminds me but I suck in winter. I got this because obviously bog standard sun cream breaks me out. I find this a tad sticky and it leaves a bit of a white cast. However, The Body Shop has listened and they have brought back the old thinner formula which I haven't tried yet but everyone is raving about.  

CBD - Perfect for dry skin. This range restores the skins moisture levels to leave dehydrated skin smoothed, soothed and with a gentle glow. 

4. Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask - £17 - Another cleanser that is a weird texture. It's a thick sticky gel that turns to an oil with the heat of your hands and then a milk with water. It's quite sticky to rub in but then is easy to wash off. I use this as my second cleanse at night. I don't leave it on for the suggested 3-5 mins every night because my skin gets irritated but maybe once a week I do (when I make a cuppa). It does leave my skin feeling nice and hydrated but I'm not sure I'd repurchase because of the texture.  

5. Restoring Facial Oil - £17 - Unfortunately, this oil doesn't beat my beloved Oils of Life one either. However, if you have dry skin and are not deeply in love with another oil then I recommend this one. It's not overly greasy and is amazing for dry skin. It has really helped with my skins hydration levels this gross winter. This range does have a very strong herbal/earthy scent though. 

6. Replenishing Moisture Cream - £20 - Another great moisturiser perfect for dry skin. As with the oil, I do really enjoy this just not as much as the Oils of Life range. It is extremely hydrating without being greasy and my skin feels plump and healthy when using it 

Collage showing a range of products from the body shop

Camomile - Melts away makeup and impurities to leave the skin feeling healthy and refreshed. The calming qualities help to not irritate the skin whilst removing makeup.

1. Silky Cleansing Oil - £12 - I use this as my first cleanse on days when I haven't worn makeup. As I wear a lot of eyeliner I find this doesn't get it off as well as the butter does. However, it is a great first cleanse. It leaves my skin feeling nice and clean without drying it out and it feels so nice to massage into your skin after a long day. The stuff it lifts out of your skin is impressive as well. They have recently changed the oil and it's still good but not quite as thick. I also miss the pump. 

2. Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - £5-11 - Hands down the best makeup remover I have ever tried. I used to like Cliniques take the day off balm but it was pricey and I don't really like the brand. Then I found this and I haven't looked back. It literally melts your makeup off and hydrates your skin at the same time. My eyeliner is no match for it and it takes off matte liquid lipsticks without having to scrub your lips raw. Honestly, it is magical.  I also use this as a cleanser if my skin is particularly irritated because it's so gentle and calming. If I was to recommend you buy one thing it would be this.

Carrot Wash - Great for dehydrated skin. Leaves skin cleansed, smooth, energised and purified. Also smells very carroty 

3. Energising Facial Cleanser - £8.50 - Your face will smell like a carrot with this range. It is so strong. I wanted to love this cleanser because it leaves my skin looking so good. It looks refreshed and radiant. Unfortunately, it also breaks me out. So because I can't bring myself to get rid of it I use it when I have those grim under the skin spots. That way it brings the spot to the surface and I get the refreshing and radiant benefits. At least I look glowing with spots. 

Drops of Youth -  Promotes fresher, healthier looking skin by plumping and nourishing. 

4. Eye Concentrate - £20 - So this may come as a shock but I actually prefer this to the Oils of Life range. The rollerball applicator definitely helps. It's so much easier to apply the right amount of product and the roller is so refreshing on puffy eyes. It's also a lighter consistency that feels less sticky. I still forget to apply it though haha. 

Men's Range

5. Maca Root & Aloe Calming Icy Shaving Gel - £8 - So I have PCOS which means I pretty much grow a beard. I found the best way for my super sensitive skin is to just shave it. I've tried many different shaving gels and this is by far my favourite. It doesn't irritate or dry out my skin and it really helps to get a close shave without injury or ingrown hairs. I also love the cold tingly minty feeling.

Face Masks

6. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask - £18 - I struggle with this mask. I normally love a charcoal mask but the green tea leaves set like concrete and are a bitch to get off. They feel like they are slicing your face up. The trick is to have it on for a really short amount of time so they don't dry. 

7. British Rose Plumping Mask - £18 - I usually hate rose products because the scent just reminds me of old people. That being said, I adore this mask. I only have a sample pot at the mo but will be getting a full size asap. It is the best mask for calming irritated skin. It's also nice and cool when you apply so great for in summer. My skin feels great after as well. 

8. Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask - £4 - Sheet masks aren't normally my thing because they never fit my face properly but these are great for a nice refreshing hydration boost. 

Collage showing a range of products from the body shops body range


1. Mango Body Butter - £6-16 - I think it's safe to say the Mango range is my favourite. It just smells so damn good. I feel like everyone and their mum has tried the body butters. They're a classic. These are perfect for winter when your skin is super dry. The only downside is you feel a bit like a fruity slug after applying because they take a while to sink in and you're left slimy while you wait. 

2. Mango Body Yoghurt - £9 - I adore the body yogurts. All the fruity moisturising properties of the body butters but without the slimy feeling. These sink in so fast. By the time you've put the lid back on you're ready to jump into bed without sticking to the sheets. I just wish the tubs were bigger because I go through so many of them. 

3. Mango Body Mist - £10 - I tend to use this as a room spray because I don't find the scent lingers on the body for very long. I do want to try the new hair mists though because who doesn't want great smelling hair. 

4. Mango Hand Cream - £5 - I used to have to avoid hand cream because when you play wheelchair basketball soft hands are a no no. That's just asking for more blisters. Now that I'm having a break I cannot get enough of hand cream. Between washing hands and looking after a horse in this baltic weather my hands are suffering. This smells great and is providing some much-needed moisture to my scaley hands. It also doesn't leave your hands greasy. It's just not quite hydrating enough atm. I have heard great things about the hemp one though. 

5. Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - £2-6.50 - Pink grapefruit is probably my second favourite scent. It's just so fruity. I love these shower gels because they leave your bathroom smelling great for hours. They also feel lush and hydrating on your body. It is pricey though so I normally treat myself to a big bottle in the January sales

6. Banana Hair Mask - £12 - I'm torn over this one. It is a great hair mask and leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling great. It is a bit pricey though and you get more for a lower price if you get the Garnier one which works just as well. 

Collage showing a range of makeup products from the body shop


1. Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara - £6 - I absolutely adore this mascara. It is my all time favourite and it has rudely been discontinued. I just love how much volume the fibres give me and I look like I'm wearing falsies without the faff of wearing falsies. 

2. Happy Go Lash Mascara - £12 - First of all how damn cute is this packaging. I love it. It is also a great mascara. I tend to reach for this more on days where I'm not wearing eyeliner as I find it more of a natural looking mascara. It gives great length but not so much volume. 

3. Lightening Drops - £6 - These are great for lightening your foundation without changing the consistency of it. They're perfect for when I get super pale in winter. I'm pretty sure this has also been discontinued though which is sad. 

4. Instaglow CC Cream - £15 - I wouldn't use this on its own because it can make you look super shiny. However, it is great under foundation to give you a gorgeous glow. I tend to use it as a highlighter for a beautiful dewy finish. 

5. Fresh Nude BB Cream - £12 - I was disappointed by this. It gave a really light patchy coverage but also clung to dry patches. It's supposed to be hydrating and for dry skin but it didn't work for mine. 

6. Fresh Nude Foundation - £16 - Unfortunately I got this in a shade too light. I found it on the lighter side of coverage as well. It also looked a bit cakey and made my skin look dry. To be honest I don't think I'll find a base product I love as much as the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. 

7. Coco Calming Face Mist - £6 - This is so refreshing and is perfect for a hydration boost throughout the day. It mists beautifully over makeup and feels lovely on the skin. Plus it smells delicious. 

If I had to pick my top 5 products it would be 

1. Camomile cleansing butter

2. Oils of Life Facial Oil

3. Oils of Life Moisture cream

4. Vitamin C Liquid Peel 

5. Lash Hero Mascara

I also buy a lot of my products through my friend Rose who is a home consultant because she always has great deals on

What Body Shop Products do you love?

Is there anything else I definitely need to try?


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