14 February 2016

Love Yourself This Valentines

Happy Valentines day. I hope you have all been spoilt either by a loved one or yourself (MAC Viva Glam Ariana happy valentines to me). Obviously it doesn't need to be expensive to make you feel good. A cuppa wrapped up in bed with a fluffy blanket, maybe with your loved one or your dog (which is clearly the same thing).

11 February 2016

#LoveIsAtoZ with Zazzle

As you guys probably know (unless like me you never have a clue what day it is) it is Valentines day soon. You know that day before you can buy all the discounted chocolate. Zazzle contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a post. Being single and all that I never celebrate Valentines (but if you wanna send me chocolate I'll gladly celebrate). Anyway when I saw the post was nothing to do with romance I was game. #LoveIsAtoZ is all about celebrating the many other types of love and spreading that warm feeling.

The task was to spread the love on Valentines day with tokens of appreciation for the special people in your life. This includes the Aunties that buy you that lipstick you've been lusting after, Grandparents that give you socks and biscuits so you don't get cold or hungry, friends that hold your hair after a messy night out and parents that put up with your crap, feed you and do your laundry. 

4 February 2016

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set

If you don't know Sarah from Sarah in Wonderland then your bank balance is probably much happier than mine. Seriously she's such an enabler. However, she also has excellent taste in makeup and always knows what will suit me. She's my go to when I don't know what colour lipstick to buy and you should totally check out her blog because it's magical.

Sarah told me I needed the Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick set and she was so right. This set satisfies all three of my loves. Nude, Red and Dark. They are all perfect and I'm obsessed with them. Also the packaging is just too pretty.

stila eternal love liquid lipstick set

2 February 2016

Things That Make Me Smile

You may have noticed a massive lack of posts on my blog recently even though I said this was gonna be my year to get my shit together. Turns out my body and my mind had other ideas. My body has been in one huge flare since I can't even remember when and it just dragged my mental health down with it. I've lacked the energy and motivation to do anything so my blog got abandoned.

However I have decided to stick 2 fingers up to my body and my MH and try and do as much with my blog as I can. I have so many ideas for posts and I'm excited.

To start off I'm going to do a list off all the things that have made me smile recently to remind myself on the bad days.