2 February 2016

Things That Make Me Smile

You may have noticed a massive lack of posts on my blog recently even though I said this was gonna be my year to get my shit together. Turns out my body and my mind had other ideas. My body has been in one huge flare since I can't even remember when and it just dragged my mental health down with it. I've lacked the energy and motivation to do anything so my blog got abandoned.

However I have decided to stick 2 fingers up to my body and my MH and try and do as much with my blog as I can. I have so many ideas for posts and I'm excited.

To start off I'm going to do a list off all the things that have made me smile recently to remind myself on the bad days.

1. Dyeing my hair again - There's just something about super bright freshly dyed hair that makes me smile so much. The compliments don't hurt either

2. New Socks
- I went into Primark just to just buy socks and pyjamas. I'm all about that cosy life

3. Cute jewellery on sale - If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I dislocated a hip moving too fast to check out the Boho Moon £5 sale but it was totally worth it. The two midi rings I got are beyond gorgeous and I'm in love.

4. Tea - Nothing beats a nice hot cuppa curled up in a fluffy blanket with cute socks on

5. Good books - I've discovered a new author that I am loving at the moment and I just can't put his books down. I love getting sucked into a book. Review to come

6. Weird group chats - I seriously have some of the best and weirdest friends ever. We have some of the strangest conversations but are always there for each other and provide so much love.

7. The sun - I hate winter. There is honestly nothing I hate more than being cold and wet. I've invested in many blanket scarves & stolen a coat from my brother for this very reason. The fact that I actually saw the sun and had to wear sunglasses this week genuinely made me so happy. Shame it was still cold.

What's made you smile this week?

Also is there anything you particularly want to see on the blog? 
I've already had requests for some outfit posts, especially wheelchair outfits, so that is in the works if I can rope a family member into being my photographer. 
Let me know.


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