30 January 2015

EasyAcc Portable Charger

Phone batteries suck. Gone are the days when you could use your phone for a week before even having to think about having to find your charger. I mean I found the phone that I had in year 10 the other day and it still turned on and had about 5% battery left. That was over 5 years ago. Magic is the only logical explanation.

So now whenever we leave the house we face the huge dilemma of whether to actually use our phones or save the battery for emergencies such as important selfie moments and what not. Or there is the trying to find a plug socket where ever you go scenario.

Portable chargers are now a necessity and I only recently treated myself to one after constantly stealing my brothers. I bought one in tesco for a tenner and it was pretty crap. I couldn't even get a full charge out of it so I never actually used it. I finally gave in to the fact that I would have to spend a bit more, all the ones I found in stores were £30, when I found this one on amazon.

It is a 5000mAh USB charger suitable for all phones and tablets I believe. I dunno I'm not technical. I obviously got the white and blue one but there are a few other colour choices and mine cost £14.99 down from £25.99. I also noticed today that they have the 10000mAh version for £18.99 down from £45.99 so theres an even better bargain for you.

This charger gives about 3 full chargers and charges nice and quickly. It also charges my iPad. Its the same kind size as my phone so is easy to carry around. My only issue with it is it turns itself on sometimes so the battery goes down quicker. It also only comes with the cable for a samsung phone but I had a short iphone cable lying around (stole from a family member but shh).

This battery pack has made my life so much easier and means I don't have to panic about running out of charge when I'm out. Also means you don't have to lie on your side in bed because your phone is plugged into the wall. Success

Anyone else have a portable charger?

28 January 2015

Elegant Touch Minnie Mouse Nails

I've never really been a fan of false nails. I always thought they would be more faff than they are worth plus I'm pretty hard on my nails so wasn't sure how long they would last. I tried the Elegant Touch Aztec nails a while ago and loved them but could only actually keep them on for 3 days as I was doing something that required me taking them off. Since then I kind of forgot about them.

I remembered that I had these Minnie Mouse style nails last week when I was supposed to be revising. Yeah procrastination. I decided to give them another go as I didn't have enough time to paint my nails and wait for them to dry but having naked nails was driving me insane. Plus I needed something to cheer me up whilst drowning in a sea of microbiology.

This was after a week of wear

They are so easy to apply. It took me no longer than 5 mins to do both hands. You just select the right size nail, peel of the back and then stick it on and ta-da beautiful nails. I've had mine on for a week and I've only had one nail fall off which only happened because it got stuck in my hair and the hair got yanked. It did freak my flatmate out though as he thought my actual nail had fallen off so worth it for the amusement. I did get them stuck in my hair a lot but you have to suffer for awesome nails.

I am so in love with these nails and am a massive false nail convert. So much easier to get fun nails when you lack the patience or the steady hand to do nail art.

Are you a falsies fan?
Which are your favourites?

25 January 2015

The Best Body Scrub Ever

I'm really fussy when it comes to body scrubs. I like a scrub to actually feel like it's doing taking off my skin. I don't have time for soft scrubs. I've struggled to find one up to my high standards but last Christmas I found it. It is the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub. At £12 my immediate reaction was it was a bit pricier than I normally pay but oh my god it is so worth it. It lasts for ages. My last pot lasted me almost a year with me using it once or twice a week. Would have lasted longer if my brother hadn't started stealing it. I also had to buy my mum her own pot too.

When you first apply it you can actually feel it warming up and it feels amazing and even better the scrub actually scrubs. I feel like I have brand new skin when I step out of the shower. It leaves my skin super soft and glowing. It's magic in a tub and it smells pretty good too.

My only issue with this magical scrub is that the lid is so wide my crappy hands struggle to grip it to actually open it. I quite often en up with a little work out in the shower trying to get into it before giving up & calling my mum.

If you are looking for a new scrub then I highly recommend this one
What is your go to scrub?


15 January 2015

Acceptable Revision Life

I've been quiet on the blog recently as it is once again that awful time of year... Exam time. I hate exams but I hate revision more. So I thought I'd write this post after a hard days revision whilst I kick back and watch Lion King 2 to prevent me from crying out of stress.

Here are a few of the things that it is perfectly acceptable to do during exam period, with no judgement whatsoever. Its practically the rules that you can't judge anyone's behaviour, no matter how weird, if its exam time.

1. Drink a billion cups of coffee/tea - I mean isn't it the rules that you have to take a break so that definitely means putting the kettle on every 20 mins and drinking so much you can constantly hear it sloshing around in your stomach

2. Eat all the junk food - Technically known as brain fuel. Its science

3. Take a nap on top of your notes - Diffusion or osmosis or something scientific definitely takes place and all the information you need moves into your brain whilst you get some zzz's. You can trust me, Im doing a science degree

4. Buy all the coloured pens and cute stationery - Your notes definitely need to be colourful and pretty and post it notes everywhere

5. Have the weirdest conversations - I've had serious conversations with a flatmate about some seriously strange topics. We even re-enacted the titanic with a cardboard boat and ice cubes in the sink to procrastinate and found it hilarious. What is wrong with us you ask? Exams, exams is whats wrong with us

6. Lose the ability to form sentences - There's only so much your brain can cope with so speaking with the correct English is not a priority

7. Get emotional over silly things - Wanting to cry over the lack of snacks, getting angry over the strength of your tea. It's fine blame it on the exams.

8. Rock pyjamas and a top knot all day everyday - You can spend the whole time in pjs (even have food stains) and no one will ask if you're going to get dressed or wash your hair because it's exams and no one cares about clothes.

9. Treat yourself after an exam or getting a certain amount of revision done - It's not bribery if you do it to yourself.

I mean I class these as acceptable most of the time but they are pretty much the normal during exams

If any of you have exams, good luck and don't forget to treat yourself

5 January 2015

Favourite Kids Films

After announcing on twitter that I wouldn't be joining the #bbloggers chat because I was watching How to train your dragon instead I ended up multitasking because I couldn't stay away. I then got chatting to Katie from K Nel about our favourite Kids films and how being a big kid and the oldest in the cinema without kids is always fun. I mean if the kids don't stare at you because you're laughing too loud you're doing it wrong. We then decided to do a collab on our favourite kids films so go check hers out too.

I'm pretty sure kids films are the biggest section of my very large film collection. They're easy to arch and usually pretty funny and I love the gorgeous animations. I also find they are a,asking for when I'm ill and can't really concentrate on much but need distracting.

Top 3 Disney

1. Princess & the Frog - This film is hugely underrated in my opinion. I mean it has a jazz playing alligator and a red neck glow fly what more could you want. I love everything about this film (minus what happens to ray - which may even be sadder than Lion King) and it's my go to film to cheer me up when I'm ill. Plus everyone needs a friend like Lottie, how awesome is she.

2. Lion King - One of the classics. Everyone loves this film minus the whole Mufasa bit which makes me cry every time. Timon & Pumba are the coolest adoptive parents ever and the songs are so catchy. Can't wait to be king is always belted out at our pre-drinks

3. Hercules - One of the sassiest films of all time. Hades is such a sassy guy, I love him. The songs in this film are also amazing. I have them all and sing along in the car every time like a true adult.

Top 3 Non- Disney

1. Shrek 1 & 2 - but if I had to choose just one then probably 2. Its one of those films that gets better as you get older. So many hidden jokes for the older people. Also, Donkey is such a babe. I need a talking donkey in my life.

2. How to train your Dragon - Pet dragons are life. I need a pet toothless. Hiccup is the best hero ever. Clumsy just like me. Plus badass girl taking charge of the situation and riding dragons. Also, Vikings are like Pirates and really couldn't care if you're disabled, it just makes you more badass. I haven't seen 2 yet but I do have it so this will be rectified soon and I've heard its also amazing.

3. The Road to El Dorado - This film is epic. Tulio & Miguel end up in El Dorado and are mistaken for Gods which they try and keep up, with difficulty. Their banter and obsession with gold is hilarious. There should definitely have been a sequel.

What are your favourite kids films?