25 January 2015

The Best Body Scrub Ever

I'm really fussy when it comes to body scrubs. I like a scrub to actually feel like it's doing taking off my skin. I don't have time for soft scrubs. I've struggled to find one up to my high standards but last Christmas I found it. It is the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub. At £12 my immediate reaction was it was a bit pricier than I normally pay but oh my god it is so worth it. It lasts for ages. My last pot lasted me almost a year with me using it once or twice a week. Would have lasted longer if my brother hadn't started stealing it. I also had to buy my mum her own pot too.

When you first apply it you can actually feel it warming up and it feels amazing and even better the scrub actually scrubs. I feel like I have brand new skin when I step out of the shower. It leaves my skin super soft and glowing. It's magic in a tub and it smells pretty good too.

My only issue with this magical scrub is that the lid is so wide my crappy hands struggle to grip it to actually open it. I quite often en up with a little work out in the shower trying to get into it before giving up & calling my mum.

If you are looking for a new scrub then I highly recommend this one
What is your go to scrub?


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