20 October 2023

October 2023 Kindle Offers

Okay, this took me way longer than I planned but it's finally done. I thought I would do a roundup of the Kindle books that Amazon has on offer this month that I recommend. There are a couple in here that I either own and haven't read yet or that I plan on buying. There's a pretty good selection on offer this month which is why this post took me so damn long. There were some more that I see recommended all the time, so definitely go have a browse, but these are the ones that I've read or bought. 

12 September 2023

Dark Angel and Shadow Angel by D.K Hood Book Tour

This is a new series by D.K Hood. It’s a spin-off from the Kane & Alton series with new lead characters, as well as appearances from some characters we already know. The book is set in a small mining town, Rattlesnake Creek with ME Shane Wolfe and FBI agents Jo Wells & Ty Carter just a short helicopter ride away. Special Agent Beth Katz is an FBI agent with a big secret. She also happens to be a vigilante serial killer using her job to find any trash that needs taking out. She's been sent to Rattlesnake Creek to work with loner Dax Styles and it might be the best thing that's happened to her dark side. 

Dark Angel* - Special Agent Beth Katz Book 1

30 June 2023

2022 Favourite Books

 I kind of abandoned my blog in the last year but I thought I’d finally sit down and write something. Now I’m never on time with these posts but this may be the latest I have ever done a favourite books I read last year post. So in 2022, I read a grand total of 106 books. I think that is the most I’ve ever read and I really enjoyed it. I made a conscious decision to spend less time scrolling and more time reading and I got to read so many good books. I also mixed it up this year and started incorporating more romance into my reading pile. It makes a nice change from the grizzly murders I usually read. I obviously still love those too. It was definitely a struggle to narrow down my favourites so I opted for 6 crime/thrillers and 6 romance.

Favourite Crime/Thriller reads in 2022