17 August 2015

Colouring Books For Adults

You may have noticed that there has been a huge increase in colouring books aimed towards adults with more intricate designs with thinner spaces to colour. I am a massive fan of colouring in. In fact I have a few kids one including a Disney & Dora the Explorer one which I love colouring in and giving them different hair colours and mixing it up a bit. However I wanted something a little more challenging and super pretty. I am a huge fan of patterns

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom

I was browsing Amazon one night (I do this more than I care to admit - So many DVDs I need) when I saw this Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom - A Colouring Book Adventure for only £4. I ordered it along with some felt pens and a couple of DVDs (I cant resist, its an illness). 

This colouring book is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. The designs are gorgeous and the paper is really nice quality. Some of the pages even have room for you to add your own doodles to. Perfect for all you creative types. 

Millie Marottas Animal Kingdom colouring book

Animal Kingdom Colouring book

My only issue with this colouring book is that because some of the lines are so intricate and I DO NOT want to go out of the lines (5 year old me would be so angry & disappointed with myself) that it can be a little bit stressful making it perfect. However, this means that it distracts me perfectly from my pain and anything else that is stressing me out. I'd rather stress out over a colouring book than something I have no control over. 

For my birthday I also got these 2 amazing colouring books 
- Mer-World Problems
- Unicorns are Jerks

unicorn and mermaid colouring books

unicorns are jerks colouring book

These are the best colouring books ever. They are so funny plus you cant really go wrong with mermaids and unicorns. My friend also had a dinosaur ones. These are perfect for those of you who can't cope with the stress and concentration of the thin lined ones. They still offer perfect distraction.

My equally Disney obsessed friend also got me a frozen colouring book. I love how all my friends buy me colouring books. They're so awesome

frozen colouring book

Are you a fan of the colouring book trend?

Do you prefer the intricate or bigger designs?


15 August 2015

Kiss Cosmetics Naked Pink Mini KISStick

I have to admit when I first opened this lipstick I wasn't sure about the colour. I'm normally a bright in your face kind of girl. Buuut as soon as I tried it on oh my god it was Love. This colour is gorgeous

Kiss Cosmetics is a new brand that are mainly focussed on amazing lip products to suit everyone. They are doing colours from nude to in your face wow. 

"Kiss Cosmetics offer an addictive range of affordable lip products using nourishing formulations ensuring your lips 'don' highly pigmented splashes of colour that guarantee to... WOW!" - Kiss Cosmetics

Kiss cosmetics naked pink kisstickI was kindly sent the Naked Pink KISStick* which is a gorgeous natural cool toned pink shade that is perfect for those days where I want to be more natural.

Kiss have recently brought out a mini range so you can try out shades you wouldn't normally go for before committing to the full size. You can buy minis of all their lipsticks for the bargain price of £2 and they are just so adorable. Then if you love them as much as me you can purchase the full size for just £7 

There are 10 gorgeous shades in the KISStick range and I pretty much want all of them. I'm going to be honest and say I wasn't sure what to expect from a new and pretty affordable brand but this lipstick is amazing quality. It smells amazing, is so pigmented (one swipe and you have perfect colour) and lasts really well. I even washed my face after putting mine on (don't ask) and ate half a watermelon and it stayed put with minimal fading. This lipstick is also a gorgeous texture and is so creamy it glides on.

I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this gorgeous colour and plan on buying the full size when I run out.

kiss cosmetics lipstick

kiss naked pink kisstick swatch

Will you be trying any of the Kiss Cosmetics range?


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own
10 August 2015

Elegant Touch Pink Express Nails

Oh my god guys. Check me out. Thats four posts in four days. I might actually be pulling myself out of this hole and getting back to what I love. I also have loads more post ideas to write up. I'm excited.

Soo this post may or may not be extremely late going up as I wore these nails for my graduation. I have an OOTD to come as well if I can find any decent photos of me just in my dress and not my gown. Anyway I was wearing a black dress and fabulous pink shoes which paired with my pink hair I thought I should go all out pink. This meant pink nails as well. I was going to get them done professionally but I ran out of time and money, Also I really love Elegant touch express nails. I bought the Elegant Touch Express Nails in Polished Vibrant Pink the day before I actually graduated and applied them in about 3mins before I rushed out the door for food.

Elegant Touch Pink Express Nails
Ring - Antique shop

 Midi Ring - Black Tied
Silver Ring - Antique Shop
Thumb Ring - Shop Dixi

Elegant touch express nails

I was worried they would look too barbie but I actually loved how they looked. In fact they made me look more tanned than I am and they went amazingly with my gorgeous Gemporia ring. They are so easy to apply. You just have to select the right sizes, pull off the plastic and stick them on and Ta-da gorgeous nails. They lasted about 5 days on me but I'm really hard on my nails and wash my hands a lot (curse of a tiny bladder #TMI). They did however last a day of my wheelchair skills training with constantly manually pushing my chair.

I received so many compliments on my nails as well as my extreme colour co-ordinating as I was even rocking a bright pink lip.

If you fancy them they are currently a 1/3 off at Superdrug so go go go.

Have you tried Elegant Touch Nails?
Which are your favourites?

9 August 2015

Books// Dead Man Walking by Paul Finch

I think it is safe to say I am in love with this Authors books. I am a huge crime thriller fan but I've struggled to find books that keep me engaged recently. Paul Finch manages that


"Beware the stranger in the night...

Consigned to a remote valley in the Lake District, DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg is getting used to a quieter life—a far cry from the bloodbath of his former division, the Serial Crimes Unit. But wherever Heck goes, trouble is never far behind.

Unknown to Heck, ‘The Stranger’ has returned. Last seen on Dartmoor ten years earlier, this prolific serial killer has found a new home. As a dense, frozen mist descends on the Lakes, The Stranger returns to his old ways, starting with two young women lost high on the hills. Only one girl is ever found—barely alive—but able to confirm Heck’s worst fears.

As The Stranger lays siege to the remote community, Heck helplessly watches as the killer plays his cruel game, letting off his trademark call before viciously picking off his victims.

And with no way to get word out of the valley, Heck has no choice but to play ball..."

I think this book might have been my favourite out of the 4 books of his that I've read. It was beyond creepy and the first book in a long time that made me look over my shoulder when I went to get my iPod out of the car in the dark. Seriously I crapped myself. It doesn't help that this book is set in the middle of nowhere which is pretty similar to where I live. 

The killer in this book pretty much stalks the people of a small village in the middle of nowhere. There is horrendous fog and no signal. I mean what else could possibly go wrong? A lot is the answer. Dead Man Walking is such a tense book and it keeps you on your toes. You start questioning everyone. I had my suspicions about who the stranger ones but I kept doubting myself (I was right though).

I wondered how the Heck series was going to carry on after the end of the last book but this one proves he still has it. Gemma also makes an appearance and their tense relationship continues. 

If you love thrillers this is definitely one you need to read. 

You can also check out my reviews on his first 3 books: Stalkers, Sacrifice & The Killing Club

Have you read any of Paul Finch's books?
8 August 2015

Saturday Smiles

To get back into posting I thought I'd post a few things that have made me smile this week. As you may know if you read my post last week I have been struggling so I'm trying to get back to what I love. So here's what's made me smile

1. I bought a super cute and oh so soft blanket from Primark and it is the cosiest thing I have ever cocooned myself in. I also got little mermaid shorts and I just look so cool in them and my fluffy blanket cape

2. My Shop Bando Order arrived and oh my gosh it is so cute. I am in love with the travel mug and I have never seen such a cute planner.

3. Bake Off is back and I am soo excited. I watched it this week with my brother both sporting a nice cuppa and a face mask. Such a cosy evening

4. I booked a holiday with my friends so in just over a week we will be jetting off to Barcelona

5. I spent the weekend in Worcester watching the U15 & U19 regional Wheelchair Basketball games as my brother plays for the U19 Wales team and I am so proud.

6. I ate the most amazing burger I have ever had in my life followed by an epic lemon cheesecake and I have never been so happy with food. I was a bad blogger & didn't take pics though which clearly means I have to go back. For the blog obvs.

7. I went to see my friend who has recently got back from nearly 6 months in Australia and we spent the evening eating pizza and colouring in and it was just amazing and I love my friends.

8. I made friends with 2 frogs and a bee so I'm practically a Disney Princess now

9. I went to the beach today with my family. Ate 2 nobbly bobblys because they are life. I mean what is life without nobbly bobblys. I also got a tan and got to paddle in my natural habitat the sea. The beach is definitely my happy place

10. My dog is currently curled up on my lab being super cute and cuddly.

What's made you smile this week?


P.S I want to start doing posts on travelling with a disability and the access of everywhere I visit. Should I post on here or start a new blog and if so what should I call it? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. 

Whizz Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training

As you may know if you read my blog I have been doing a work placement with Whizz Kidz. They are an amazing charity that provide support for disabled young people and provide them with the encouragement, support and life skills to gain independence, confidence and the skills to use their wheelchairs effectively in every day life and overcome any potential problems.


I have now helped organise and run two Wheelchair Skills Training events and it has been so much fun and incredibly rewarding. I have loved every minute of it minus the being shown up in my reversing skills by a 3 year old. That kid had some skillz. I felt like a proud parent when they over came things that they were previously scared of doing and when they realised they could do it.

Wheelchair skills training uses games and fun activities to teach the young people how to use their chairs properly and effectively and to gain confidence in themselves. I wish I'd had something like this growing up because maybe then I would have actually used my chair more and not missed out so much. I wasn't confident and I hated using my chair. Now after gaining experience I love my chair (Willamina) and use it all the time making my life easier (She's not in the picture because my dad was actually packing her in the car when I made my mum take a quick picture for me).

I loved seeing all the young people have an amazing time, make friends and I actually got to witness their confidence grow. There were young people who were extremely nervous who by the end of the 3 days were whizzing around, going outside and bending in and out of cones expertly. It also helped with their confidence with making friends. Some of the young people were a bit nervous about being separated from their parents for a bit and by the end they didn't want to go home which is always a success. Also getting to play loads of games is a massive pro.

Whizz Kidz proves that you can still have a hell of a lot of fun in a wheelchair and get to enjoy amazing experiences.

In a couple of weeks we're doing a sailing event which I am soo excited for. Its going to be amazing.

You can also see my previous posts on my work placement and one of the ambassador clubs. Also if you know any wheelchair users or are a wheelchair user aged 14-25 in Wales let me know if you're interested in joining the Whizz Kidz family

3 August 2015

Film// Inside Out

Soo much for getting back to my regular posting schedule. However in my crappy body's defence I've been really busy so I can't blame it this time. Last week I had a meeting in Newport and it just so happened to be held at the cinema. Also as luck had it my mum needed my car & I'm not insured on my brothers car so he had to drive me. This meant that as a treat we decided to watch a film when I had finished. As we are both massive kids we went for Inside Out.


I am a huge Disney & Pixar fan, mainly because I'm such a child and animated films are definitely my favourite. This film is about the different emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear & Disgust that live in our heads. It follows Rileys move to a new place and how our emotions struggle to adjust.

I loved this film and so did my brother. I'm pretty sure I have to take my mum next week as she also really wants to see it. I think anger was my favourite emotion, he was just so funny and reminded me of myself sometimes, not that I'm an angry person. This was such a cool idea for a film and it was really interesting to see how they made the mind work including things such as memories and our personalities and our emotions controlled by the different characters using a control panel. This film also made the viewer feel most of the emotions. There were funny laugh out loud moments, sad moments, happy, scary (Massive terrifying clown which even creeped me out a bit), the list goes on.  There was also some nostalgia about all the things you learn as a kid and do with your family.

I wasn't really a fan of the short film Lava they played at the beginning. It had an annoying song and it was yet again about objects falling in Love. Volcanoes this time wasn't it umbrellas last time? Surely they can come up with a different idea.

If you love Disney Pixar then I would definitely recommend you go see it. I also posted about my top 10 Disney and non Disney films a while ago.

Have you seen it yet?
What did you think?