3 August 2015

Film// Inside Out

Soo much for getting back to my regular posting schedule. However in my crappy body's defence I've been really busy so I can't blame it this time. Last week I had a meeting in Newport and it just so happened to be held at the cinema. Also as luck had it my mum needed my car & I'm not insured on my brothers car so he had to drive me. This meant that as a treat we decided to watch a film when I had finished. As we are both massive kids we went for Inside Out.


I am a huge Disney & Pixar fan, mainly because I'm such a child and animated films are definitely my favourite. This film is about the different emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear & Disgust that live in our heads. It follows Rileys move to a new place and how our emotions struggle to adjust.

I loved this film and so did my brother. I'm pretty sure I have to take my mum next week as she also really wants to see it. I think anger was my favourite emotion, he was just so funny and reminded me of myself sometimes, not that I'm an angry person. This was such a cool idea for a film and it was really interesting to see how they made the mind work including things such as memories and our personalities and our emotions controlled by the different characters using a control panel. This film also made the viewer feel most of the emotions. There were funny laugh out loud moments, sad moments, happy, scary (Massive terrifying clown which even creeped me out a bit), the list goes on.  There was also some nostalgia about all the things you learn as a kid and do with your family.

I wasn't really a fan of the short film Lava they played at the beginning. It had an annoying song and it was yet again about objects falling in Love. Volcanoes this time wasn't it umbrellas last time? Surely they can come up with a different idea.

If you love Disney Pixar then I would definitely recommend you go see it. I also posted about my top 10 Disney and non Disney films a while ago.

Have you seen it yet?
What did you think?


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