20 July 2015

Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films

I've been slacking in the blogging world again. In my defence though I had my graduation on Friday (outfit post to come) and I've been busy in the build up teaching my brother how to drive which is weird. I feel so old. Also been busy trying to catch some rays. I desperately need a tan.

Back to blogging I did my top 10 Disney films last week so I thought I'd do my top 10 Non-Disney animated films in a quick post

How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2
Love these films. Hiccup is such an amazing main character. Also I want a pet toothless. He's too cute. I think the second film may even be better than the first now that I am prepared for the sad bit.

Who doesn't love Shrek. I mean there's a talking donkey, what isn't to love?
The Road to El Dorado
Such an epic film. Soo much sass. If you haven't seen this film you are missing out.

The Croods
This film is one of my favourites. I just love the animation and the animals that are in it are soo cool.

This has the best one liners. I cant even pick my fave robot. Maybe Fender, plus his britney impression is the bomb

Happy Feet 2
Definitely better than the 1st although thats still awesome. You cant really beat singing and dancing cute fluffy baby penguins. Plus this got me and my friend through tough times at uni,
Gnomeo & Juliet
This became our hangover film at uni with Elton Johns Hello Hello becoming the song we belted out drunk. This film is genius Who's your Gnomey?

This was the film I spent all day watching with the worst and last hangover of my uni career. It's such a good film. Rio is such a naive bird and needs a girl to save his butt. So many epic characters.

Hotel Transylvania  
What a film. I cannot wait for the second one. Over protective dads are even worse when they are a vampire. All your favourite monsters are there

The Lorax
Dr Seuss films are awesome with the Lorax being one of the best. I want one of the trees in it.

What are your favourites?


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