12 July 2015

Top 10 Disney Films

After feeling a bit crappy yesterday and immediately reaching for a Disney film to cheer me up I thought I'd get back into the swing of blogging by posting my top 10 Disney films. I really have been awful at posting recently. Here's hoping I can stick to my schedule again.

So here goes, my top 10 in no particular order because picking just 10 was hard enough without ranking them too.
Top Disney films
Princess & the Frog
This is probably my favourite Disney film ever and it is so under rated and it is always the one I reach for first on a bad day (today). I love everything about it, especially Ray and I'm not sure I will ever get over his death. Tiana is so badass and she takes on the challenge of being a frog like a boss. I would probably freak out a tad more

Also another favourite. I watch this film far too often and am slightly in love with Flynn rider. He's pretty hot for an animated guy. I wanna see the lights too. How pretty are they?
Top Disney films
Jungle Book
This film always made me kinda want to grow up in the jungle mainly because I wanted to have a baby elephant and a bear and a panther and wolves as friends. How cool would that be? Also the soundtrack is so cool.

Little Mermaid
As a mermaid I obviously have to love this film. I always wanted Ariel's hair (plus her tail would be awesome). My nan is also called Ursula so I found it hilarious that the villain shared my nans name.
Top Disney films
This is another totally underrated film with so many amazing characters. Princess Kida was pretty much the definition of badass. Everything about her is soo cool including her outfit and her hair. She totally started the white/grey hair trend

Who doesn't love Mulan. Mushu is probably the best sidekick. He's so sassy. Also I'll make a man out of you is the best motivational song ever. It Was my gym song and revision song. If anyone ever says Lets get down to business its the rules to finish the sentence with "to defeat the huns". Speaking of The Huns, they are freaking terrifying.
Top Disney films
Hands down the sassiest film ever. Hades is like the king of Sass. He has to be my favourite villain ever. I love Meg and her don't need a man to save me attitude plus she rocks that ponytail. The Soundtrack is also pretty epic

Lilo & Stitch
I love this film so much. I even have a cuddly Stitch teddy and desperately want an Ohana tattoo. Stitch is just adorable and the relationship between Nani and Lilo is amazing. Way better than Frozen in my opinion (although I did enjoy frozen).
Top Disney films
Emperors New Groove
Boom baby. Kuzco is such an asshole and Yzma has to be the creepiest woman ever. This film is just magic and I often get weird looks from my family when I tell them to pull the lever.

Lion King
Is it possible to watch this and not cry? I don't think it is. My mum came home to find me crying one day & freaked out. When she asked me what was wrong and I said that Mufasa had died she pissed herself laughing. Me and a friend also used to belt out I can't wait to be king every pre drinks. It was pretty magical and that song is not the same without her Zazu voice.

I love Disney and nearly have all of them and picking just 10 was soo hard. 

Which ones are your favourites?


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