21 August 2019

Wilde Mode Comfort Sets

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I've pretty much just been living in super cute crop tops/underwear sets from Wilde Mode recently. Honestly, they are the comfiest sets I have ever worn and we all know that I am about the comfort life

Wilde Mode was established in 2018 and is a small business based in Scotland. Every item is handmade with love by a small but dedicated team and they even donate any material scraps to textile students at a local college. Everything is gender-neutral and aims to be as inclusive as possible. The brand is all about empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and pride in being yourself.

2 pictures of me sat in my wheelchair wearing a pastel pink underwear set that says fck on it with middle finger images
Fuck What They Think Comfort Set* (Sold Out)

15 August 2019

OPI Tokyo Collection

I have never tried O.P.I nail polish before so when I got a few polishes to try via Influenster I was pretty excited to give them a go. Now I love having my nails painted but I am hard on my nails. Not only am I a wheelchair user but I also play wheelchair basketball and it is impossible to make a mani last through that. That means I am always changing up my colours and paint my nails once a week and am so bad for just rocking the extremely chipped look. Recently I have just been alternating between Rimmel black, a dark berry shade and a light blue so I was looking forward to mixing it up a bit. Not gonna lie, it felt weird not constantly having dark nails.

A bright pink and light pink nail polish are on a pink dish. A clear top coat and a lime green polish are next to the dish. The background consists of a chunky pink blanket, a magazine, leaves and roses

5 August 2019

Read in July 2019 Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, I have been on a bit of a roll with my reading recently. I managed to read 8 books in July hence why it is split into 2 posts. I have also had a mix of fiction and non-fiction. I know straying from my grizzly murders has been a bit of a shock to me too but I have enjoyed it. Still can't beat a gruesome who done it though. 

The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter*
#9 Will Trent 
- Book 6 & 7 - Book 8

kindle fire showing the cover for the last widow next to a pink chunky knit blanket and some roses. The cover shows a womans face through a kaleidoscope
2 August 2019

Kit Stars Vegan Brush Kit

As a makeup wearer, you can never really have enough makeup brushes. I mean washing them all the time is just far too much effort. I was kindly sent the Kit Stars Full Vegan Brush Kit* and it arrived at the perfect time because all of my current brushes are in desperate need of a good clean. Like it's so bad I can't actually remember when I last did them.

All Kit Stars brushes are made with good quality wooden handles and solid copper ferrules which are gold plated to make them stronger and hard-wearing. So not only will they last but they look beautiful. You can't really beat a bit of black and gold, can you? You can also get all of the brushes in either natural or vegan hair which is great.

The full brush kits then come with a peel down bag which when opened up folds into a brush holder. Not going to lie, I didn't notice this until I went on their website to find the link. It is such a great idea. means you can have all your brushes visible and to hand in a handy pot when you're travelling. Genius.

black and gold makeup brushes in a pink jar that says grl pwr on it in front of a mirror. There are various makeup products and a magazine on the surface.

1 August 2019

Read in July 2019 Part 1

I am on a roll with reading at the moment, not so much with the blog post writing. Will this month be the one that I get my shit together? Who knows. Last month was great for reading. I managed to read 7 books (you can see them here in part 1 & part 2). This month I managed to beat that by reading 8. I haven't read this much in a long time and it feels so good. I have also taken a load of photos today so hopefully, I will have some actual content other than what I have been reading this month. 

Expire by Danielle Girard*
#4 Dr Anna Schwartzman