20 April 2020

The Blood On My Hands - True Crime Autobiography

I don't tend to read much true crime, instead opting for the fictional world of crime with witty, lovable detectives and crimes that seem a bit far fetched. However, a while ago (sorry Shannon & Kelsey for the super long delay) I was asked if I wanted to read Shannon's story and I was definitely intrigued. I think we can all forget that serial killers have families that are affected.

The Blood On My Handsis an autobiography written by Shannon O'Leary telling us what it was like growing up in the same house as a serial killer and terrifying abuser.

Two books titled The Blood on my hands and Out of the Fire and into the pan are being held in front of a green hedge,
1 April 2020

Favourite Books of 2019

In usual Beth style, this post is extremely late. However, it is perfect timing if you are looking for something to read during the lockdown. All of these books bar one are crime thrillers so if you are looking for gruesome murder to distract you then I highly recommend checking these out.