18 July 2019

June 2019 Favourites

Who's ready for another late favourites post? I haven't done one of these for a while because I haven't really been wearing makeup or using anything particularly exciting. I mean I still haven't been using anything revolutionary and I've only worn a little bit of makeup but I finally had enough products I've enjoyed using to make a post. July's should hopefully be more exciting. 

flatlay showing 3 tubes of lipstick on a pink dish, an orange tub of moisturiser, a white bottle of mouthwash, a pale blue bottle of nail polish, a turquoise liquid eyeliner and a bottle of perfume with a big bow on it
12 July 2019

Read in June 2019 Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 I managed to read a fair few books this month. The month finished on a bit of a downer though with 2 not so great books. I was particularly disappointed by the Karin Slaughter one because I normally absolutely adore her books. I always find when I read a couple of duds that I lose my motivation. Here's hoping I can keep the momentum going in July. 

Stolen by Paul Finch* - #3 DC Lucy Clayburn - 5/5

Kindle fire showing the cover of Stolen. The cover has a red satchel bag lying on some wet steps

11 July 2019

Read in June 2019 Part 1

June was an incredible reading month for me. I read 7 books. That's more than I've read in a month for a very long time. Here's hoping I catch up soon so that I can smash my Goodreads challenge. As usual, I've split this into 2 parts so that it isn't horrendously long. 

Paperback copy of Room. Cover is blue with a blurry child in the top corner and a small wooden house on the bottom
4 July 2019

New in Nivea Skin Care

Nivea have recently brought out some new skincare products and I was kindly sent some of them to try. I've really been getting into my skincare recently and my favourite part of an evening is cleansing my face, putting on a face mask and enjoying a good cuppa and a book. The products I was sent are perfect for that. They include biodegradable face wipes, a cleanser/scrub, face mask and moisturiser.

A packet of wipes, a tube of moisturiser, a tube of face mask and a face wash. The background includes a white wooden base, an open magazine, leaves and roses
2 July 2019

Fragrance With Secret Scent Box

I adore perfume. I'm not one of these people that has a signature scent either. I have many on the go and just pick whichever one I fancy on the day. There are too many gorgeous scents out there to just stick to one. However, I can be a bit picky so the Secret Scent Box is just a perfect invention.

A black box contains 3 tiny bottles of perfume, there are 3 information cards next to the box and a square card that says hello beautiful