30 September 2016

September Favourites

I really struggled with my favourites this month. I haven't really worn makeup so I don't have many beauty picks. I don't really know what happened with September. I can't really think of anything that's happened. I've played a lot of wheelchair basketball and started hydrotherapy so I am absolutely knackered. I seem to have to spend most of my time resting and recovering. Here's hoping October will be more exciting. Anyway here's what I've loved this month

September Favourites

28 September 2016

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

I never used to really drink hot drinks let alone coffee. Then uni and exhausted student life happened and I fell in love. Now I can't start my morning without a nice hot cup of coffee. I know it's bad but it's just sooo good. It's like a warm hug on the inside. I suck at mornings, they're painful and gross so just let me have my hot cup of goodness in peace. Seriously don't try talking to me before. I will probably bite your head off (sorry dad). 

Beanies coffee
26 September 2016

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask

Is there anything better than curling up in front of the TV with a face mask and a cuppa? I got this Erno Laszlo mask in my September You Beauty Box and I was dying to try it. My face is always in need of some moisture so I whacked it on grabbed a cuppa and stuck Lie to me on (I've finished it and now don't know what to do with my life. What can I watch?)

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask

23 September 2016

Things I miss after moving out

I moved out into my own bungalow 6 months ago. I can't believe how fast time has gone. I love my little house more and more very day especially now that I have furniture other than a garden chair. That was an uncomfortable experience. However, I thought I'd do a quick post on some of the things I miss about living at home

21 September 2016

Models Own Polish for Tans

I am looking forward to autumn and getting to dress all cosy, plus beanies save so much time in the mornings. What's a hair brush? Baggy jumpers and leggings are life and I'm excited to be cosy without over heating. However, I am holding onto that summer feeling for as long as possible. If you saw my August faves you will have seen this gorgeously bright nail polish. The Models Own Polish for Tans range is just perfect for showing off your holiday or in my case back patio tan. 

Models Own Polish for Tans

19 September 2016

Ombar Chocolate

 I came across Ombar chocolate on twitter the other day and I somehow magically ended up on their website. I had a browse of how they make their chocolate etc and then got sucked into their flavours. Every chocolate bar sounded more delicious than the last. I am trying to eat healthier because my stomach is just an angry lil guy. Dairy seems to make it the angriest so I had to say goodbye to chocolate. The intense nausea just wasn't worth it.

I was so excited by these vegan, dairy free chocolates that I had to make an order. They're a bit pricier than your run of the mill chocolate but they're worth it for a delicious treat and better for you. I chose 3 different flavours of the bars and a bag of chocolate buttons because chocolate buttons are the bomb. Postage was sooo quick. I ordered them at 11:30pm Thursday and they arrived Saturday.

Ombar Chocolate
16 September 2016

Room Tour

I've been in my lil house for over 6 months now and I love it. My bedroom is by far my fave room. Probably because I spend so much time in it and my bed is soo comfy. The main thing I was excited about when I got my own place was being able to have a double bed and starfishing all night. I bought so much cute bedding from Primark when I moved. It's an addiction I can't seem to stop. Cute bedding is my weakness. Also cushions

14 September 2016

Little Mermaid Prints

If you know me you know I'm a huge Disney fan. Disney is always my go to when I need a film to watch and I always drag my family to watch their newest additions. The lovely Rachel from Foxes in the Forest kindly sent me these gorgeous prints to review and made my day. I was sent the Ariel and Ursula prints* and how damn cute are they? The wall above my desk is pretty much just Dinsey and Dorkface prints and it looks so good. 

12 September 2016

Kiss Air Candles and Wax Melts

Much to my dads disgust I am obsessed with Candles. Literally every time I light one I get a lecture om fire safety and all the fires he's been to which have started from candles (he's a fireman). They're a neccesity in my house though. The previous owner was a heavy smoker and I can't afford to replace my carpets yet so I can still smell cigarettes some times. Plus I like nice smelling things.

Kiss Air Candles had a deal on the other day of 3 tin candles for £20 instead of £9 each. I then boosted it up to £25 with wax melts so I could get free postage.

Kiss Air Candles
9 September 2016

What Did You Do To Yourself?

I went into a shop the other day (to get brownie supplies) with my brother, both of us in wheelchairs wrestling with those ridiculous trolleys that attach to your chair. The woman on the checkout asked us what we'd done. It took me a while to process and realise she meant why were we in wheelchairs and not what we had done with our day. When I replied that we had a genetic condition she got super embarrassed and immediately blurted out that the weather was nice. Just a tad awkward.

7 September 2016

September 2016 You Beauty Box

I was sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself this morning because of my screwed up jaw when the postman decided to cheer me up. The delivery Gods were looking down on me today as I actually got my shipping notification an hour after I'd cracked my box open.

September 2016 you beauty box
2 September 2016

Kit: Power Bank

I always seem to be on the go. I can't remember the last time I spent a whole weekend at home. Basketball (of the wheelchair variety obvs) takes up the majority of my weekends. Curse my brother for being such a damn superstar. In fact when this post goes live I will be in Loughborough watching him compete in the Sainsbury's school games, hopefully winning. This paired with the fact that I am very attached to twitter, instagram and occasionally snapchat my phone needs to be charged on the go. 

Kit Power Bank