12 September 2016

Kiss Air Candles and Wax Melts

Much to my dads disgust I am obsessed with Candles. Literally every time I light one I get a lecture om fire safety and all the fires he's been to which have started from candles (he's a fireman). They're a neccesity in my house though. The previous owner was a heavy smoker and I can't afford to replace my carpets yet so I can still smell cigarettes some times. Plus I like nice smelling things.

Kiss Air Candles had a deal on the other day of 3 tin candles for £20 instead of £9 each. I then boosted it up to £25 with wax melts so I could get free postage.

Kiss Air Candles
The large tins I picked up were Clean Cotton, Black Cherry and Coconut and I chose Sun Kissed Raspberry, Mango Sorbet and Vanilla Pod wax melts. The wax melts are definitely my favourite as they give off way more scent. The tins are quite a delicate fragrance which was a little bit disappointing. I also am not really a fan of the cherry one. Cherry is normally my favourite scent but this one smells a bit like cough mixture. I absolutely love the clean cotton and coconut though, I just wish it smelt stronger when burning. I'll probably pick up the wax melt versions soon.

Kiss Air Candles

The Mango sorbet wax melt smells heavenly. My room smells so fruity and good right now. I've mixed it with some of the raspberry one in my burner and oh my god it is soo good. As you may know I am obsessed with coconut. All of my toiletries are coconut and this candle smells just as good.

You get 40g of wax in each melt which is approx 20 hours of burning. I had mine burning constantly yesterday and went through about 4 tealights and I've barely made a dent in the tiny amount I put in my burner. They're also nice and soft so easy to cut so you can use just a little bit at a time & mix n match scents.

Each tin is supposed to burn for approximately 25-30 hours but I'm not sure mine are going to last that long. They seem to burn quite quickly

I will definitely be getting some more wax melts in the near future. I just can't decide which ones to get. However, I will probably give the tins a miss.


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