16 September 2016

Room Tour

I've been in my lil house for over 6 months now and I love it. My bedroom is by far my fave room. Probably because I spend so much time in it and my bed is soo comfy. The main thing I was excited about when I got my own place was being able to have a double bed and starfishing all night. I bought so much cute bedding from Primark when I moved. It's an addiction I can't seem to stop. Cute bedding is my weakness. Also cushions

Bed - I got this second hand from a facebook buy and sell site. It was a bargain and honestly so comfy. It was a bit of a drama picking it up though. My dad was supposed to be taking the trailer the day before he flew to Africa but he fell and injured his eye because he's beyond clumsy. My mum & her 2 disabled children had to attempt to pick it up and it was just hilarious.

Mirror - Dressing Table - Turquoise Boxes - Grey Boxes - Draw Inserts

Anything in my house that isn't second hand is from Ikea. I lost count of how many trips I did to Ikea when I moved. As soon as I had more money it was back to Ikea to pick up another piece of furniture.

I absolutely adore my dressing table. It's feels so nice to not have to do my makeup sat in bed. It also saves my sheets. The amount of times I spilled foundation or eyeliner was ridiculous. This dressing table is actually a shelving unit but it works perfectly. I can't decide whether to get another draw insert as they are so handy but the boxes work great as well.

Sven Cushion - Stitch

Because I am an actual child. My mum got me and my brother Sven cushions when we went away because we didn't have pillows for the car. I take Sven with me whenever we travel now. He's so comfy but his hair tickles. Stitch was a present from a uni friend and I love him.

Desk - Chair - Lamp

I didn't think I had enough space in my room for a desk so I was just blogging in bed. Buuut I kept dislocating joints by sitting in weird positions and constantly gave myself pin & needles so I needed somewhere to sit properly. My dad was going to custom build me one when we found this one (in Ikea obvs). It could not be more perfect. It fits perfectly in the gap I had and is exactly what I wanted. The chair isn't the comfiest but it was only a tenner sooo.

The lamp was recommended by Georgina on twitter for spoonies so I decided to treat myself. It's soo good. Has loads of settings and really helps with blog photos.

Also lets just ignore the red stain on the wall and carpet. Never knock over a melted cherry wax melt because it will make a mess.

Nail Varnish shelf - Made by my dad - My dad is such a handy guy to have around. It annoys me how expensive shelves are so I just explain what I want to my dad and he makes one for me after about 3 months of nagging. I  need an extension on this soon but it's perfect.

Full Size Mirror

I absolutely adore this mirror. I had a much smaller one and I could never see my outfit properly. This is just perfect and luckily it just fit in the gap next to my window. Fate. So good for outfit selfies

Ignore my tiny telly. It's so ridiculously small I swear I need glasses to watch it haha.


So let me just admit that I chose this because when I first saw the name I read it wrong and though it was called Dumbass. It was also the cheapest one I could find that was big enough for all my crap. It's actually exactly what I was looking for and the name made it even better. It's a good job I have such a big car. Also no one mention the back of it to my dad. He put it together wrong and now there's holes in it where he had to take it apart. He swore a lot, I laughed. Such a good father daughter bonding moment.

Box Shelves - Made by yours truly (well by my dad but I supervised and held bits of wood steady). These were the first shelves we came up with and made. I love them. They are so cheap and easy to make. We're going to make another one for my living room soon. I keep trying to get him to sell them.

So that's my room. Ignore my ugly carpet, it came with the house. I'm trying to save up to get new ones so these have to do for now.


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