2 September 2016

Kit: Power Bank

I always seem to be on the go. I can't remember the last time I spent a whole weekend at home. Basketball (of the wheelchair variety obvs) takes up the majority of my weekends. Curse my brother for being such a damn superstar. In fact when this post goes live I will be in Loughborough watching him compete in the Sainsbury's school games, hopefully winning. This paired with the fact that I am very attached to twitter, instagram and occasionally snapchat my phone needs to be charged on the go. 

Kit Power Bank
Side note: How awesome is my wallpaper and case?

I did already own the 5000mAh EasyAcc portable charger which has been a life saver. I can get about two charges from it, which would be fine if everyone in my family didn't want to use it. When I was in ASDA on Saturday Ollie spotted the Kit: 10000mAh portable power bank (I can't find the ASDA link but I've included an amazon one) for £12 down from £29.99. Bargain. I decided to grab it because you can never have too many portable chargers and I can't resist a good bargain.

It claims to hold five chargers. Today I have charged my phone, my iPad and my kindle all from flat and it still has 2 out of four lights showing so I'm pretty impressed. It comes with 2 USB ports and a charger cable which handily also fits my Samsung. It's not as pretty as my EasyAcc one which is sad but if it keeps my phone juiced then I'll let it slide. Looks aren't everything. You can get it in Pink or Blue but they weren't in the store.

The Kit: power bank is heavier than the EasyAcc so for all my spoonies out there bear that in mind. It's not the lightest thing to lug around. Mine will be in the back of my chair though so it doesn't really bother me. For £12 you can't really go wrong and my whole family has now purchased one so they don't have to steal mine. We will never have dead phones again.

Here's hoping I will remember to recharge at least one of them.

What is your must have travel essential?


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