19 September 2016

Ombar Chocolate

 I came across Ombar chocolate on twitter the other day and I somehow magically ended up on their website. I had a browse of how they make their chocolate etc and then got sucked into their flavours. Every chocolate bar sounded more delicious than the last. I am trying to eat healthier because my stomach is just an angry lil guy. Dairy seems to make it the angriest so I had to say goodbye to chocolate. The intense nausea just wasn't worth it.

I was so excited by these vegan, dairy free chocolates that I had to make an order. They're a bit pricier than your run of the mill chocolate but they're worth it for a delicious treat and better for you. I chose 3 different flavours of the bars and a bag of chocolate buttons because chocolate buttons are the bomb. Postage was sooo quick. I ordered them at 11:30pm Thursday and they arrived Saturday.

Ombar Chocolate

"These totally dreamy and creamy buttons are dairy and refined-sugar free. Made to the same recipe as our Coco Mylk bar and contain probiotics to help keep your tummy happy & healthy." 

Dairy Milk chocolate buttons are my fave and I can inhale a bag of the giant ones easily (and then feel like Im gonna die). I thought I'd give these a go. They're not quite dairy milk but they're still damn good. They hit the chocolate craving spot with their creamy chocolatey goodness. I'm converted. 

Ombar Chocolate

Coconut & Vanilla
"The mouth-watering coconut and vanilla centre is encased with our Coconut 60% chocolate to provide a creamy taste sensation!"

This lil bar of heaven is beyond creamy. The coconut and vanilla work perfectly together. It just melts in the mouth and I never want it to end. This is pretty damn close to the raspberry one in the fight for the top spot.

Strawberry Mylk
"Enchanting raw chocolate infused with nourishing strawberries and luscious coconut cream"

The strawberry in this one is really delicate. You only get a bit of a hint of it at the end. It is however still delicious and perfect for those who don't want full on flavour or anything too creamy.

Raspberry & Coconut
"A decadently creamy chocolate indulgence. The zingy raspberry and coconut centre contrasts beautifully with the Coconut"

Oh my god this is soo good. It's creamy and gorgeous but with a bit of zing to it from the raspberry. It's such a perfect blend of fruity and creamy goodness. I cannot get enough of it. I need a bar the size of my head. This is definitely my favourite out of the 3 and I want to order about 10.

Ombar Chocolate

I am definitely converted to these chocolates and they make up for the lack of Dairy Milk in my life. I'll probably be making another order soon.

Let me know if you recommend any other dairy free or vegan chocolates


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