23 September 2016

Things I miss after moving out

I moved out into my own bungalow 6 months ago. I can't believe how fast time has gone. I love my little house more and more very day especially now that I have furniture other than a garden chair. That was an uncomfortable experience. However, I thought I'd do a quick post on some of the things I miss about living at home

- Someone to make the tea. It sucks having to make your own tea instead of using the "muuum, you know I love you". Also kettles are dangerous

- If I had to get up early my dad would bring me coffee because he knows I suck at mornings. My coffee machine may make it but doesn't bring it to me.

- No one to kill the spiders. I couldn't get into my bathroom the other night because it was being held hostage by two. I killed one but the other one has gone into hiding to plot it's revenge.

- My bins always get full when no one's here so I have to balance rubbish on top until my parents rescue me.

- I have to actually remember bin day and what colour bins it is. Why is rubbish so complicated?

- I actually ran out of mugs the other day because I was too exhausted to do the washing up & I'd been over to my parents for food so they hadn't been at mine. It's okay though, I've bought more.

- I really struggle to make up a full load of washing when I need a specific item of clothing cleaned.

- I can't blame the mess on anyone else. Windowsill full of used mugs. Wasn't me. Must have been that pesky ghost again.

- I'm in charge of keeping the fridge stocked. Hence why today the only thing in my fridge is a box of squishy old tomatoes, 2 possibly out of date yogurts and a carton of coconut milk.

- My dog. I miss having cwtches on the sofa when I feel like crap

- Bills. I could buy so much makeup with that money. Is there any need for a TV license? I'd rather watch adverts.

- I can't shower at weird times because I'm not allowed to shower when I'm on my own in case I fall & die

- There's no one to tell me to stop watching gilmore girls and go to bed. The first few weeks on my own my sleep schedule went to complete shit.

- Having my mum available for a hug whenever I needed one. Although she's still only a phone call and 20mins away

Most of the downsides to living on my own basically involves my body being too crappy to do stuff or me being too lazy to make my own tea. Apart from that it is pretty damn epic. Plus I have so many cupboards to store all my crap. It's magical


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