19 October 2022

Non Gory Crime Thrillers

If you know me you know I love a good crime thriller. It makes up probably 90% of what I read. I'm always being asked for recommendations but I know that some people are put off because they don't want to read any gory details. Sometimes you just want the suspense and to be creeped out without reading grisly murder details. So I thought I'd put together a list of some of my favourite thrillers that don't feature the blood and guts. 

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Collage of book covers featuring Beyond Fear, Scared Yet and Darkest Place by Jaye Ford, Degrees of guilt by HS Chandler and Don't wake up, I'll find you and the next wife by liz lawler
14 June 2022

Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liners

 As we all know by now, I adore a winged liner. And what's better than a beautiful wing? A colourful wing. Water activated cake liners are my newest addiciton and I will not stop until I have every colour. I have a review on Suva Beauty's offering but I recently discovered Glisten Cosmetics and I am a huge fan. I highly recommend following them on Instagram for so many cute looks and lots of graphic liner inspiration. If you scroll to the end of this post I've also added some photos of how I wear my eyeliner. 

Glisten Cosmetics is a UK based small business that specialises in these gorgeous water ativated liners but they also sell brushes, lashes, lip gloss, highlighter and an absolutely stunning chroma collection.  

Pots of glisten cosmetics wet liners in all the colours of the rainbow. They're in small clear plastic pots with wet liner written on the lid
23 March 2022

Favourite Books Read in 2021

 Well what a surprise, this post is extremely late. I'm determined that 2022 is the year I get my shit together with blogging. So I thought I'd start with sharing my favourite books that I read in 2021. I read a lot last year and enjoyed it so much that I smashed my reading challenge of 80 books and finished the year on 90. Narrowing down 90 books to my top 12 was extremely hard but here are my faves. As usual, they are all filled with murder.

A collage showing the covers for 4 books Shadow Falls, Flight, Lost Angels and Darkest Place

10 September 2021

Nivea Naturally Good Range

I'm a big fan of Nivea's body care but I've recently fallen in love with some of their skincare too and thought I would share. All of these products are from their Naturally Good range which is a part of their long-term commitment to using less plastic and more sustainably sourced ingredients and recycled/recyclable materials. 

If you've been waiting on a review of the cleanser bar from me, sorry it took me so long but I really wanted to put it through its paces and I'm pleased to say it passed with flying colours. Read on for a full review. 

And in case you didn't know Nivea now have a store on their website meaning you can buy all of their products in one place.

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a flatlay showing a day cream, night cream, face cleansing bar, shower gel and body lotion from Nivea with doodles of leaves and flowers around it
23 July 2021

Suva Hydra Liners

If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love a colourful wing. I suck at eyeshadow so bright eyeliner is how I inject some colour into my makeup. I discovered the Suva Hydra Liners last year and I adore them. I’ve recently added some more colours to my collection and thought it was time to share them with you. 

These liners are water activated cake liners that are smudge and transfer proof once they have dried. The staying power of these liners is absolutely incredible, unless you get caught in the pissing rain, then you look like a racoon at pride. They are also an intense opaque formula and the colour payoff is unlike any liner I have ever tried. One sweep packs such a punch. There are a couple different finishes including matte, metallic chrome and UV Neon. I think all the shades I have are the UV formulas so they glow in the dark under UV and blacklight. In normal light, they are just a matte finish and super bright. They are also vegan and cruelty free. 

A flatlay showing 5 suva hydra fx liner pots and a liner palette with various brushes and flowers around them.
13 June 2021

Current Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

If you've followed me for a while you will know I have been battling with (and moaning about) horrendously dry skin. My face was like the Sahara and I couldn't wear foundation without it cracking on my skin and making me look like I had scales. I had finally accepted that foundation wasn't for me. However, I am pleased to report I have mastered my skincare and I now have a nice plump and hydrated face. So I thought I'd share what has worked for me. Obviously, I am not an expert and I know next to nothing about skincare. This has just been many years of trial and error. Also needs to be noted that I drink a lot of water because I also have a forever dry mouth (it's a meds side effect) and I've cut out dairy which helped with my breakouts.

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Collage of skincare products including glossier milky jelly cleanser, pixi glow tonic, body shop drops of light serum and moisturiser, body shop skin defence, nivea face spf and glossier balm dotcom
28 April 2021

Glossier Review

Glossier is a highly talked about brand. I've seen a lot of people raving about their skincare along with their simple makeup. They are all about dewy, glowy skin and promote perfecting your skincare first, makeup second. I haven't tried many of their products but the ones that I have, have been a bit of a mixed bag. There are products that I absolutely adore and are now a staple in my routine and a few that I think are overhyped *cough Boy Brow cough*. I do definitely think they are worth checking out though.  

Collage of glossier products including the milky jelly cleanser, balm dotcoms and priming moisturiser