11 November 2019

Fenty Beauty Review

Fenty Beauty became available to buy in boots this year on my birthday. Obviously, this meant I had to treat myself. Since then I have amassed a pretty decent collection of mainly lipsticks. I just can't help it. I love a good lipstick. The bolder the better and Fenty really do deliver on bold colours. They also deliver on my other weakness. Gorgeous packaging. Seriously, have you ever seen prettier lipsticks? They just look so good on my dressing table. They are also cruelty-free so it would be rude not to.  

flatlay showing 3 tubes of liquid lipstick, a purple, red and neon pink as well as a tube of lipgloss
28 October 2019

Being Plus Size in Sport

As some of you may know, I play wheelchair basketball. I was roped into helping my brother's team avoid a forfeit and I've been hooked ever since. I've been playing for around 3 years and I enjoy it way more than I ever expected. Not that you would guess by my constant moaning on twitter about having to get up early on weekends. I train 2-3 times a week and play games on the weekend. It's an intense sport and I do end up injured but it's so worth it for me. I also love that I've made so many new friends and have a whole other family.

Beth is sat in a silver basketball wheelchair. She is wearing a white vest with the number 13 on it, grey and burgundy leggings and grey trainers. She is holding a ball on her lap and is looking directly at the camera

15 October 2019

Read in September 2019 Part 2

Will I ever get these What I read posts out on time? Probably not. Anyway here's part 2 of all the books I read in September including one of the best Crime books I have read this month. You can check out Part 1 to read about the cutest YA book with my favourite plus size character I've ever read, a book celebrating fat creators as well as my usual crime reads. 

- Post contains books sent for review via NetGalley and Affiliate links

Degrees of Guilt by HS Chandler*

Kindle fire shows the cover of Degrees of Guilt next to a pink chunky knit blanket, leaves and roses. The cover shows a photo of a woman torn down the middle. The left side is red and the right side is a mug shot

11 October 2019

Read in September 2019 Part 1

I am so happy with how much I have managed to read this year. I'm on track to smash my Goodreads goal. How are you guys getting on with your reading goals? Did you set any? I didn't even realise I had read 7 books this month. We have a mix of YA and Non-fiction as well as my usual crime thrillers this month. I've really been enjoying reading more non-fiction this year. You can check out Part 2 here

- Post contains books sent for review via NetGalley and Affiliate links

No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter*

Kindle fire shows the cover of No big deal next to a pink chunky knit blanket, leaves and roses. The cover has no big deal written in big red letters on a pink background with a fat girl in place of the I.
30 September 2019

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

If you know me then you will know that I love a matte liquid lipstick. I am all about a bold lip and liquid lipsticks just pack the punch I need. My collection is pretty extensive and has a huge array of colours. I have recently fallen in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills offerings so thought I'd update my Liquid Lipstick series.

Four tubes of liquid lipstick are stood up on a magazine next to a rose gold mirror with gold jewellery scattered around. The lipsticks are various shades of red and a brown
27 September 2019

Read in August 2019 Part 2

If you read Part 1 then you will know that I managed to read 10 whole books in August. I'm still weirdly proud of that. Part 2 should include 2 non-fiction books as well but I'm still trying to gather my thoughts in order to write a review so I will get back to you on them. I also apologise for how horrendously late this post is. Will I ever get my shit together? Probably not. 

Hunting Evil by Chris Carter
#10 Robert Hunter
- Book 9 Review - 

The hardback book Hunting Evil is on a table with some leaves, a pink chunky knit blanket and a cup of tea. The cover of the book is blue with orange text and shows a thistle
4 September 2019

Current Favourites From Nivea

I have been really enjoying Nivea products at the moment and have recently been sent some new bits that I have fallen in love with. So, I thought I'd share with you my current favourite products. Honestly, the mousse moisturiser is a stand out product and I highly recommend you all go out and get it asap. I definitely look forward to my nightly routine more since I started using it because it leaves my skin feeling so good. Plus a mousse moisturiser is just more fun.

Image shows 3 tubes. L-R Mattifying face mask, mango lip balm and daily moisturiser.