12 September 2023

Dark Angel and Shadow Angel by D.K Hood Book Tour

This is a new series by D.K Hood. It’s a spin-off from the Kane & Alton series with new lead characters, as well as appearances from some characters we already know. The book is set in a small mining town, Rattlesnake Creek with ME Shane Wolfe and FBI agents Jo Wells & Ty Carter just a short helicopter ride away. Special Agent Beth Katz is an FBI agent with a big secret. She also happens to be a vigilante serial killer using her job to find any trash that needs taking out. She's been sent to Rattlesnake Creek to work with loner Dax Styles and it might be the best thing that's happened to her dark side. 

Dark Angel* - Special Agent Beth Katz Book 1

Beth Katz is the daughter of a serial killer. She became an FBI agent to stop killers like her father and she became a serial killer to stop those who evade capture. When two young girls go missing in the woods, one turns up dead with the other never seen again, Beth recognises a pattern. She works with her new partner, Dax, to hunt the killer and she vows to get justice one way or another. 

I needed a bit of a break from the Kane & Alton series after falling out of love with some of the characters so I was excited to get stuck into this one. If you’ve read the Kane & Alton series then you will have met Beth before as the mysterious Tarot Card killer. 

I really enjoyed the different angle to this book. Having Beth be both a crime fighter and a serial killer made it more interesting. Vigilante’s aren’t usually my cup of tea but I found myself rooting for her and liking her character more with each chapter. I also wasn’t sure how I felt about Dax at the start but he grew on me and they worked well as a duo. 

Child murder is always a difficult subject to read but it was written well and although there wasn’t a major twist I enjoyed the hunt for the killer. There was also the added suspense of what Beth would do next. Kane & Alton are by the book detectives whereas Beth & Dax like to bend the rules and colour outside the lines. It is a bit stressful wondering how and if they will get away with some of their actions but it is exciting.  

Shadow Angel* - Special Agent Beth Katz Book 2 

Cassie, a local dancer, is reported missing when Beth & Dax spot crows circling an abandoned cabin in the woods. They find Cassie’s body displayed on the sofa wearing heavy makeup and grotesque stitching. Another woman vanishes from a club and Beth is convinced a mysterious man watching the dancers is involved. An undercover mission may help solve the case but will put Beth on the killers radar. It’s a risk she’s willing to take to get justice. 

I think I might have preferred this book as we get to know more about Beth. I really enjoy her and Dax working together and seeing their relationship grow. Jo & Ty feature in this book more and although they usually annoy me they didn’t take over the case and seeing Beth interact with serial killer expert Jo added some tension. 

I love the undercover operations they run. They always add a lot of suspense and Beth’s disguises sound amazing. The hunt for the killer kept me guessing and I love that we never know how the investigation is going to end. 

We get to see more of Beth’s dark side in this book and I’m so invested in whether she will be able to keep her secret. I will definitely be checking out more of this series and look forward to getting to know more about Beth.    

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