22 November 2018

Curve Fashion Festival 2018: The Good, The Bad and The Future

As you may have seen on social media I attended The Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool on the weekend and the accessibility was extremely poor. I wasn't sure whether to write a post on it as I have been in talks with the organisers about how we can make next year better. However, I thought it was important to highlight the issues and what needs to be changed on here so that more people can understand and learn from it.

Curve Fashion Festival 2018 Review
17 November 2018

Read in October 2018

As well as my October Favourites Post being late, my What I read post is also late as usual. I read 2 others alongside these but I haven't got around to writing up the reviews for them yet so you may get them at a later date. If not I'll probably post a brief review over on my Book Instagram

Too Far by Jason Starr
16 November 2018

October 2018 Favourites

Well would you look at that, my favourites are late yet again. November is shaping up to be a hectic one. I don't actually have a free weekend now until Christmas. My body is not really a fan and my sacrum is nice and inflamed so any movement of my leg hurts like hell. I am having to go about my life welded to a hot water bottle which makes things interesting.

Anyway here is what I was loving in October and I actually wore makeup so there is more than skincare this month

October 2018 Favourites