30 June 2017

Tarte Bundle First Impressions

When I got an email from Tarte with their latest bargain and free shipping to the UK I just couldn't resist. The offer was 6 full size products plus a makeup bag all for £60. I think I also had to pay £10ish taxes but that just meant I wouldn't be hit with the dreaded customs charge. I only ever buy from the Tarte website when they have free UK shipping because then the tax charge just feels like shipping costs.

So here's what I picked.

Tarte Bundle First Impressions
14 June 2017

Bluebird Tea Co

I can't even remember how I came across Bluebird Tea Co anymore but I am so glad I did. I spent ages on their website drooling over all the different flavours before taking the plunge and making an order. I went for the Pick n Mix 10 Tea Experience Pack as there were so many flavours I wanted to try. You get to pick the flavours of your ten 20g packs (up to 10 cups of tea per 20g). It was so difficult narrowing it down to 10 flavours and I definitely will be making another order.

7 June 2017

Clinique Skincare And Why It's Not For Me

I was talked into visiting the clinique counter when I had my makeup done by smashbox in boots a while ago. The lady on the counter was so lovely and had a look at my skin to recommend some products for me. She couldn't get over how dry my skin was and recommended the 3 step programme.

Clinique Skincare review

5 June 2017

Renunail Nail Strenghthener

My nails are forever a state. My mum and Nan have always had such beautiful, long and strong nails. I will always resent the fact that I didn't inherit them. I got lumbered with a genetic condition and hairy arms. My nails are the complete opposite to my mums, short, stubby, weak, flaky and just sad looking. If they get remotely long they just bend, flake continuously and then I pick the flakes and make everything worse. I normally have them painted (black like my soul) so that I don't pick the flakes. When an email about Renunail* landed in my inbox I was sceptical and intrigued. I've tried a few nail strengtheners and it's just made my flakes stronger but anything is worth a shot. 

Renunail Nail Strenghthener review
2 June 2017

Read in May 2017

I only manged to read two books this month and I am so sad about my poor attempt. This month does seem to have flown by though. I can't even think of what I have spent my time doing but reading was clearly not one of them

Crime thriller review