5 June 2017

Renunail Nail Strenghthener

My nails are forever a state. My mum and Nan have always had such beautiful, long and strong nails. I will always resent the fact that I didn't inherit them. I got lumbered with a genetic condition and hairy arms. My nails are the complete opposite to my mums, short, stubby, weak, flaky and just sad looking. If they get remotely long they just bend, flake continuously and then I pick the flakes and make everything worse. I normally have them painted (black like my soul) so that I don't pick the flakes. When an email about Renunail* landed in my inbox I was sceptical and intrigued. I've tried a few nail strengtheners and it's just made my flakes stronger but anything is worth a shot. 

Renunail Nail Strenghthener review
Renunail* is a calcium enriched intensive treatment which promises longer, stronger and healthier looking nails in just 4 weeks. It claims to be perfect for weak, brittle, slow growing and prone to chipping nails as well as eliminating peeling, chipping and flaking. My nails pretty much tick all of those boxes. It is perfect for hardening and protecting natural nails and can be used as a base and/or top coat. This nail strengthener also protects nails against dehydration caused by harsh detergents and soapy water.

Renunail Nail Strenghthener

How it works

Day 1: Apply two coats of Renunail Nail Strengthener onto clean nails, avoiding the cuticle area
Day 2-6: Continue to apply one coat of the Nail Strengthener daily for the next five days
Day 7: Remove all product from the nails with nail polish remover and repeat this process for another 3 weeks (with the whole programme lasting 28 days).

The only slightly tricky part is trying to remember what day you are on. Also I was terrible for remembering to do it just before getting into bed. It does dry really quickly however it wasn't quite quick enough for me to not get fluff stuck in it or smudge it a bit because I am extremely impatient (another inherited trait).

Renunail Nail Strenghthener review

My nails are never going to be beautiful hand model material. Propelling a wheelchair everyday takes it's toll on them and then wheelchair basketball just destroys them. However this nail strengthener has worked miracles and in only 28 days. My nails have actually grown past nub length. I haven't had a single flake and they feel less bendy. I cannot get over how much of a difference this has made. I can't remember the last time my nails didn't flake. If you have weak or damaged nails then I definitely recommend you treat yourself to this. I've used mine for the 28 days and I've barely made a dent in the bottle so it may be a bit pricey but it will last.

I struggled to find places that you can buy this lil pot of magic but I found it at allbeauty


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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