14 June 2017

Bluebird Tea Co

I can't even remember how I came across Bluebird Tea Co anymore but I am so glad I did. I spent ages on their website drooling over all the different flavours before taking the plunge and making an order. I went for the Pick n Mix 10 Tea Experience Pack as there were so many flavours I wanted to try. You get to pick the flavours of your ten 20g packs (up to 10 cups of tea per 20g). It was so difficult narrowing it down to 10 flavours and I definitely will be making another order.

Perfect Tea Spoon

The first thing I ordered was the perfect tea spoon. I always make a mess trying to use a normal tea spoon to get loose tea into my infusers. My shaky hands and loose teas are a recipe for disaster. This spoon makes life soo much easier. It measures out just the right amount of tea for a perfect cuppa and I don't spill any. Definitely an essential.

Morning Kick - Award winning zesty yerba mate tea with lemon and ginger. The perfect energy boosting tea
Yerba mate, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena,Ginger, Lemon peel, Calendula

You may all be pleased to hear that I can in fact drink coffee again after my body decided that I didn't like it anymore. However, I am trying to cut down on it so I decided to pick this up. I am always in need of an energy boost so this sounded perfect. It's said Yerba mate gives you a boost equal to caffeine but without the crash later on which sounds good to me. It is such a refreshing tea and I love the lemon with a hint of ginger. It is perfect for mornings and I love it as a afternoon boost. 

Cherry Bakewell - The classic cherry & almond tea time treat
Chinese white tea, Almond, Cranberries, hibiscus, rosehip, apple, currants, blackcurrant, red & blue cornflowers

This was the only tea that I was a bit disappointed by. I can taste the cranberries and fruity flavours but I didn't really get the almond flavour which was a shame. It does however win the award for the prettiest tea.

Cherry Bakewell tea

Skinny Minny - An energizing, metabolism boosting, stomach calming elixir tea
Chinese pu'erh tea, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, orange, ginseng, fennel

I hate the name of this tea but oh my god it tastes good (Edit - they've changed the name to The Digester). I was sceptical when I fist saw the name because I hate this trend of teatox drinks. I don't get why people still can't see that they are just drinking laxatives. Anyway back to this tea. I decided to pick it up when I saw that it is "specially developed to help with metabolism and digestive issues such as IBS, food intolerance's (such as gluten and dairy), bloating, slow or sluggish metabolism and indigestion." I suffer with IBS, bloating and just an angry stomach that can't make up it's mind about what food it doesn't like. This is one of my favourites. I usually drink mint tea for my stomach but this may take top spot. It tastes like warm gingerbread men straight out the oven. It is so damn delicious and it definitely helps calm my stomach down. I definitely recommend it if you have an angry stomach and like gingerbread men. 

Birthday Cake Tea
Birthday Cake - Vanilla sponge, notes of sweet icing & cake sprinkles 
Rooibos, Ceylon black tea, Almond, Cake sprinkles, Calendula, Mallow flowers

I still can't decide how I feel about this tea. It is so confusing for my taste buds haha. It literally tastes like a cup of birthday cake. I can't get over how accurate the taste is. However liquid cake is a bit strange. That being said I think I like it. It is also good for if you're craving cake and have none in or are trying to cut down. I loove the fact that this tea actually has star sprinkles in it. How cool is that?

Coco Chai No. 5 tea

Coco Chai No. 5 - All the classic chai spices with a dash of coconut
Indian assam tea, ginger, cardamom, cloves, red peppercorns, coconut

I'm obsessed with coconut so just the dash of coconut was enough to make me choose this tea. It is perfectly spiced and I imagine it will be perfect in winter. It's just the perfect cuppa for a cosy night.

Apple Strudel - Apple & cinnamon perfection in a cup
Rooibos, cinnamon, apple pieces, freeze dried apple, orange peel, lemon peel, hibiscus, rosehip

Warm apple and cinnamon are two of my favourite flavour combinations. I always reach for the apple crumble for pudding. You can't really beat the simple combo. Those two flavours make this tea soo delicious. Even just brewing this made my house smell like I had been baking. It actually tastes like a warm pudding and reminds me of curling up in winter with a huge bowl of my fave dessert. If you love apple strudel you need this tea. 

I am obsessed with mint teas at the moment so obviously I had to pick a few different ones up.

Mint Choc Rooibos - Delicious peppermint chocolate
Rooibos, chocolate heart sprinkles, Cocoa shells, peppermint, vanilla

I tried a mint choc tea in a tea house in Cardiff and I instantly knew I needed one for home. It is such a perfect balance of flavours and so delicious. I have actually already finished this sample pack and need to reorder a bigger packet. I am obsessed with this tea. It is perfect after food to settle my angry stomach as well as provide a bit of a chocolate hit. 

Peppermint Cream - Velvety milk oolong, smooth cocoa & sweet peppermint
Quangzhou milk oolong, peppermint, cocoa shells

This is definitely my favourite out of the mint teas. It is so creamy and smooth. It reminds me of the buttermint sweets. I like to drink this in the evenings relaxing with a book. It's just such a soothing tea. 

White Choc Mint - White tea, white chocolate & refreshing spearmint
Chinese white tea, Cocoa shells, Peppermint, Cocoa nibs, Chocolate sprinkles, liquorice, Spearmint

My mum is in love with this tea. It's minty, creamy, chocolatey and just delicious. I honestly can't get over how amazing all the mint teas are.

Mojitea - A super refreshing blend of green tea, peppermint & Lime
Chinese green tea, Peppermint, dried lime pieces, lemongrass, lime leaves

This tea is beyond refreshing. The blend of green tea with peppermint is always a winner and this one is just so minty and fresh. The hit of lime just makes this even more perfect. I definitely need to try this as a cold brew because it will be perfect for those hot summer days. 

Every order comes with hand written thank you and some samples. I got mojitea and gingerbread chai.

Gingerbread Chai - Award winning gingerbread spiced rooibos chai, Great with or without milk
Rooibos, Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla pieces, mallow flowers

I haven't tried this one yet but I expect it will be delicious.

Pretty sure I have enough tea to keep me going for a while. Although I now want to order all the fruity and tropical teas as well as a cold brew bottle to keep me going over the summer.


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