2 June 2017

Read in May 2017

I only manged to read two books this month and I am so sad about my poor attempt. This month does seem to have flown by though. I can't even think of what I have spent my time doing but reading was clearly not one of them

Crime thriller review

Ashes to Ashes by Paul Finch

"John Sagan is a forgettable man. You could pass him in the street and not realise he’s there. But then, that’s why he’s so dangerous.

A torturer for hire, Sagan has terrorised – and mutilated – countless victims. And now he’s on the move. DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg must chase the trail, even when it leads him to his hometown of Bradburn – a place he never thought he’d set foot in again.

But Sagan isn’t the only problem. Bradburn is being terrorised by a lone killer who burns his victims to death. And with the victims chosen at random, no-one knows who will be next. Least of all Heck…"

I didn't enjoy this book as much as enjoyed the first few in the Heck series. Both Stalkers and Sacrifice were amazing and got me hooked. The killing club was another action packed book but with a few too many characters to keep track of. However, I enjoyed Dead man walking although my mum found it hard work.

Ashes to ashes kicks off with a gruesome first chapter ending with the sentence "like a pair of melting human candles". Definitely got my attention. The storyline of this book was intense, gory and action packed. I just found there was a lot of filler. I ended up skim reading a lot of it because I just got bored. It would grab my attention with a gory murder scene or a chase and then I'd hit a boring patch. He went into so much detail on things I didn't care about. You get an in depth description of the police station that doesn't add to the story at all and I think is only mentioned once after that.

The other thing that annoys me is most of the times that something bad and life threatening happens is normally because Heck ignores orders and goes off on his own thinking he's superman. It get's old pretty quickly and he definitely wouldn't have kept his job in the real world haha.

However, I did enjoy the who done it part of the story and that is the main reason I finished this book. I'm not sure if I'd buy anymore from this series though if more are released.

Love me not review

Love Me Not by M.J. Arlidge

"She Loves Me 
A woman's body lies in the road. At first it looks like a tragic accident. But when Helen Grace arrives on the scene it's clear she's looking at a coldblooded killing. But why would anyone target a much-loved wife and mother?

She Loves Me Not
Across town, a shopkeeper is killed while his customers are left unharmed. But what lies behind the killer's choices?

She Loves Me
Who lives? Who dies? Who's next? The clock is ticking.

She Loves Me Not
If Helen can't solve this deadly puzzle then more blood will be shed. But any mistake and it might be her own ..."

M.J Arlidge is probably my favourite author. I absolutely love every book. I can't think of one I didn't enjoy. The series follows DI Helen Grace who, if you've read the rest of the series you will know, has had a pretty tough life. This is the 7th book in the series and still just as good as the first. In Love me Not Helen is readjusting to a major change in her life (don't want to spoil the last book) and doesn't really know who to trust anymore which makes her job that much harder. The book is set over 24 hours and is pretty fast paced but it doesn't feel rushed at all. I couldn't put it down because I needed to know how it was all going to be resolved as well as the why behind the murder spree. The ending broke my heart a little bit as well.

This book is the reason I fried myself because I got so engrossed I didn't realise I was burning. I read it in a day and a half and I was so disappointed that I finished it so soon. I really hope this series will be continuing because I cannot get enough of all the characters.I may even have to go back and re read them all. Also can we take a minute to appreciate how beautiful that cover is. I got it in hardback even though my hands aren't a fan because I was too impatient to wait for the paperback to be released.

Let me know if you have any book recommendations?


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