23 July 2021

Suva Hydra Liners

If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love a colourful wing. I suck at eyeshadow so bright eyeliner is how I inject some colour into my makeup. I discovered the Suva Hydra Liners last year and I adore them. I’ve recently added some more colours to my collection and thought it was time to share them with you. 

These liners are water activated cake liners that are smudge and transfer proof once they have dried. The staying power of these liners is absolutely incredible, unless you get caught in the pissing rain, then you look like a racoon at pride. They are also an intense opaque formula and the colour payoff is unlike any liner I have ever tried. One sweep packs such a punch. There are a couple different finishes including matte, metallic chrome and UV Neon. I think all the shades I have are the UV formulas so they glow in the dark under UV and blacklight. In normal light, they are just a matte finish and super bright. They are also vegan and cruelty free. 

A flatlay showing 5 suva hydra fx liner pots and a liner palette with various brushes and flowers around them.
I have 5 of the Hydra FX Liner pots (£12.50 each) in the shades
- Fanny Pack - Neon Green
- Scrunchie - Neon Pink
- Grape Soda - Bright Purple
- Tracksuit - Dark Blue
- Watermelon Felon - Pinky Purple. 

I also have the UV Taffies Palette (£23) which is absolutely gorgeous. It has 5 shades and I don’t think I could pick a favourite (okay maybe the blue). They can be used on their own but you can also mix them for a whole host of other shades which I haven't tried yet but I am excited to have a play. 

- Mini Monster - Pastel Blue 
- Cuddle Cake - Yellow
- Silly Billy - Lime Green 
- Bubble Butt - Baby Pink
- Smarty Pants - Lilac

A flatlay showing a closer look at the suva hydra liner pots and uv taffies palette

Flatlay showing the back of the suva liner packaging with shade names.

If you can do a wing then my go to double liner isn’t as difficult as it looks. I start by doing my usual black wing and then follow that line with the colour. It doesn’t matter if you mess up onto the black and don’t get a crisp line. I pat off any excess with a cotton bud and then just go over it with the black again to tidy it up and make the line sharper. Then you can't even tell that I got it everywhere. If you mess up on the top then just use a damp cotton bud to tidy up. 

It did take me a couple of goes with some trial and error and hand swatches to work out how much water I needed to add and what consistency works best. A little bit of water does go a long way. Put a couple of drops in the lid and then dip the brush into the water to add it to the liner a bit at a time. 

They don’t flake off once dry but if you wear them for a long time they do make your eyelids feel a bit dry. However, they look epic so what's a bit of dry eyelid to look that good. 

Swatches of the Suva Hydra FX Liners. L-R Watermelon Felon a fuchsia, Grape Soda bright purple, Fanny Pack a neon green, scrunchie a neon orangey pink and tracksuit a dark blue

Swatches from the Suva UV Taffies Palette L-R Shade Mini monster a pastel blue, cuddle cake a yellow, silly billy a lime green, bubble butt a barbie pink and smarty pants a lilac

pic 1 Beth has bright pink and purple hair with neon pink eyeliner and a nude lip. Pic 2 Beth has wavy blue and purple hair with the same neon pink eyeliner and a nude lip. Pic 3 Beth has her purple hair tied up and has a darker purple eyeliner and pink hoop earrings. Pic 4 Beth has long purple hair with neon green eyeliner and black lipstick
L-R 1 & 2. Scrunchie 3. is Grape Soda 4. Fanny Pack

Pic 1 beth has pastel pink and blue hair and has black and pastel blue winged liner with a nude lip. Pic 2 Beths hair is flipped over to the opposite side and her eyeliner is lilac with a bright purple lipstick. Pic 3 Beths eyeliner is barbie pink with a nude lip. Pic 4 Beth has wavy hair with a bright fuchsia eyeliner and matching lipstick
L-R 1. Mini Monster 2. Smarty Pants 3. Bubble Butt 4. Watermelon Felon

If you love a colourful wing then I highly recommend trying these out. I will probably be adding some of the metallic shades to my collection soon. They just look so pretty.

Which one is your favourite colour?


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