14 June 2022

Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liners

 As we all know by now, I adore a winged liner. And what's better than a beautiful wing? A colourful wing. Water activated cake liners are my newest addiciton and I will not stop until I have every colour. I have a review on Suva Beauty's offering but I recently discovered Glisten Cosmetics and I am a huge fan. I highly recommend following them on Instagram for so many cute looks and lots of graphic liner inspiration. If you scroll to the end of this post I've also added some photos of how I wear my eyeliner. 

Glisten Cosmetics is a UK based small business that specialises in these gorgeous water ativated liners but they also sell brushes, lashes, lip gloss, highlighter and an absolutely stunning chroma collection.  

Pots of glisten cosmetics wet liners in all the colours of the rainbow. They're in small clear plastic pots with wet liner written on the lid
So these liners are water activated and are smudge and transfer proof once they have dried. Seriously these babies aren't going anywhere, unless you get caught in the pissing rain and then you look like a pretty rainbow drowned rat. The formula is magical. It's opaque in one swipe, it applies like a dream but it also easy to remove. It took me a couple of plays to work out how much water I needed to be adding but it's very easy to get the hang of and you only need a drop or 2. Honestly the colour payoff from these is just next level, they're comfy and they last all day.

To apply I have 3 of their brushes as well as a couple other random liner brushes that I use. I have the Liner Brush 3, Brush 8 and Flat Brush F2. I use brush 3 the most and it's great for my double wings. Brush 8 is perfect for any long smooth lines you want but I am still practicing that fluid motion needed for a crisp line. 

5 pots of wet liners in turquoise, periwinkle, fuchsia, coral and lemon

The thing I love about Glisten Cosmetics is the liners come in 2 different sizes. I always buy the 3g pots because you still get plenty of product but it means I can buy way more shades. However, they also do 10g pots and, even better, you can build your own palette. They then do refills for when you run out of your fave shade. 

Small Pot - 3g - £6.50
Large Pot - 10g - £11.50

4 Pan Palette - £25
9 Pan Palette - £50
15 Pan Palette - £75
Pan Refills - £6.00

Swatches of the UV Bundle in shades turquoise, periwinkle, fuchsia, coral and citrus

Now onto the shades. My latest purchase was the UV Bundle. I just fell in love with those gorgeous bright shades. 

Turquoise - Similar to bubblegum but still one of my fave shades to wear
Periwinkle - This colour is so pretty and I need to try it with my new hair asap
Fuchsia - Cannot go wrong with a bright pink
Coral - Not as orange as it's showing on the picture but will be such a great summer colour
Citrus - I haven't got around to doing a look with this yet but I can't wait. It's so bright

And then the individual pots I have

Raspberry Punch - One of their split liners which means you get at least 3 shades for the price of one because they mix to form another gorgeous shade. 
Bubblegum - A minty turquoise that just pops
Seltzer - A beautiful teal
Loch Ness - A gorgeous dark green
Sapphire - I adore this blue and it looks so good on its own. (picture at the end of this post).

Pots of the glisten cosmetics liners in various shades of blue, green ann pink

Swatches of the glisten cosmetic liners in the shades raspberry punch, bubblegum, seltzer, loch ness and sapphire

I also made myself a 4 pan palette with these stunning Duo Chromes and metallics. The shades I picked definitely give me mermaid vibes. These are super pretty and the sparkle they give is next level but I did find that Merbabe transferred a bit on my lids. However, my lids are extremely oily. I set the liner with a bit of translucent powder and it seemed to do the trick. 

Blue Lagoon - Blue to Green shift
Ametrine- Pearl Purple
Merbabe - Teal Shimmer
Topaz - Pearl Blue

A palette with 4 blue, green and purple metallic shades with the swatches shown on an arm

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love a good selfie. I think everyone should take all the selfies. So here's a few to show you some of the eyeliner colours with my various hair colours. 

4 selfies of beth. L-R Beth has purple hair and pink winged liner & lips, Beth has purple hair and blue winged liner with purple lipstick, beth has blonde and pink hair with turquoise liner. beth has pink hair with blue eyeliner

L-R, 1. Double Wing with Suva Bubble Butt (light pink) and Fuchsia 2. Double Wing with Sapphire and Bubblegum 3. Turquoise 4. Sapphire

A collage of 4 photos of beth with faded pink and blue hair at various lengths. She has different coloured winged eyeliner.

L-R 1. Bubble Gum 2&3. Seltzer 4. Loch Ness

Which colour is your favourite?


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