30 September 2016

September Favourites

I really struggled with my favourites this month. I haven't really worn makeup so I don't have many beauty picks. I don't really know what happened with September. I can't really think of anything that's happened. I've played a lot of wheelchair basketball and started hydrotherapy so I am absolutely knackered. I seem to have to spend most of my time resting and recovering. Here's hoping October will be more exciting. Anyway here's what I've loved this month

September Favourites


I own more mugs than I probably should buuut I just can't resist them. They just seem to fall into my basket. Also if you read my downsides to moving out you'll know why I need more. This is my most recent addition and I love it. Pretty much my top 3 essentials in life. It also makes an excellent instagram prop

Got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray

I saw this mentioned in my twinnys Hair favourites post so I obviously had to buy it. I've only used this 2 maybe 3 times and oh my god how did I live without it? It reduces drying time, protects from the heat and conditions your hair. The reduction in drying time is a life/arm saver. My EDS means drying my hair is stupidly painful and this helps soo much. Plus if I'm under the heat too long I get a headache/dizzy/nauseous. This stuff is magic. Smells pretty good too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I never really sleep well but recently I've been struggling more than usual. My fatigue is super bad and my dark circles are impressive. I picked this up as an emergency to try and look less dead one day and I really like it. It brightens my bags and makes me look more alive. Doesn't crease and is less than £6.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

So the eyeliner version of this was in my July favourites. I now have the mascara and it's pretty damn good as well. Plus that packaging is soo gorgeous. I picked this up on the ferry back from France last month and it's the only mascara I've used since. I should have a full review up soon.

September Favourites

Home Inspiration Cherry Vanilla Candle

This is hands down my favourite ever candle scent. I cannot get enough of it. It's just delicious. Sweet and fruity. These yankee candle home inspiration candles may be a fraction of the yankee candle price but they give off the same amount of gorgeous scent. My whole house smells so good right now.

Beanies Hazelnut Instant Coffee

As mentioned in my full review post this coffee is so damn delicious. I can't get enough of it. It's so nutty with a hint if sweetness and it smells heavenly.


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