12 July 2019

Read in June 2019 Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 I managed to read a fair few books this month. The month finished on a bit of a downer though with 2 not so great books. I was particularly disappointed by the Karin Slaughter one because I normally absolutely adore her books. I always find when I read a couple of duds that I lose my motivation. Here's hoping I can keep the momentum going in July. 

Stolen by Paul Finch* - #3 DC Lucy Clayburn - 5/5

Kindle fire showing the cover of Stolen. The cover has a red satchel bag lying on some wet steps

Members of the public are disappearing at a vast rate but no dead bodies are turning up. They are just vanishing. DC Lucy Clayburn is chasing her tail with a slew of dead-end leads. When her gangster father gets caught in the middle of the investigation her life is made 10x harder and a hell of a lot more dangerous.

This is the 3rd book in the series and I only realised after I finished that I have read the 1st but have somehow missed the 2nd. I could’ve sworn I had read it but I will be purchasing it ASAP. I have also read all of Pauls Heck series which I highly recommend.

As with most of Paul Finch’s books, I found this one a bit of a slow starter however once it got going it was impossible to put down. It is a fast-paced, action-filled book with all the twists and turns you could ask for. Lucy is such a likeable character and her relationship with her father adds so much to the story. The villain is way more twisted than I ever expected and everything about the storyline sucks you in further. I also absolutely adored Sister Cassie. Definitely one of my favourite characters

If you love edge of your seat reads then check this one out. Preferably the whole series

Kindle fire showing the cover of Forget me not. The cover has a pair of red high heels amongst a hedge with a knife lying next to them

Elizabeth is out walking her dog when she stumbles across Clare who has been viciously stabbed and left for dead. Clare dies minutes later after whispering her final words. It soon becomes clear that the killer isn’t going to stop at just Clare. Elizabeth then faces a tough decision on whether to risk everything to try and prevent more deaths.

This book was not for me at all. There was a lot of boring filler which made me want to zone out. The book could’ve been half the length. The story is told from the point of view of Elizabeth and Rachel, Clare’s best friend. Rachel is the absolute worst. She whines and complains about everything and makes out that she is treated so badly when she’s the one cheating. Then there’s Clare and Rachels other best friend Julie who doesn’t really add anything to the story. I also guessed the killer pretty early on so even the “twist” wasn’t that exciting.

Kindle fire showing the cover of pieces of her. The cover shows the silhouette of a girl running through the woods

I absolutely adore Karin Slaughter and have read all of her books but I did not enjoy this standalone. It switches between the past told from Janes POV and the present which is told from Andy’s POV. The past chapters were so long-winded and boring. I could feel myself switching off. They could’ve been a lot shorter and still got all the information need across. I was constantly dreading the past chapters coming up.

The present chapters were slightly better as they were faster paced and were more interesting. However, Andy’s character was painful to read. She’s in her 30s but you would think she was a teenager. She’s so naive and childish. The whole storyline was switched between boring and unbelievable.

This hasn’t put me off Karin Slaughter’s other books and I will continue to read her work I just wish I had skipped this one. The Good Daughter was so much better and I expected more from this one

How do you get back your motivation to read after a couple of bad reads?


* This book was gifted via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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