2 August 2019

Kit Stars Vegan Brush Kit

As a makeup wearer, you can never really have enough makeup brushes. I mean washing them all the time is just far too much effort. I was kindly sent the Kit Stars Full Vegan Brush Kit* and it arrived at the perfect time because all of my current brushes are in desperate need of a good clean. Like it's so bad I can't actually remember when I last did them.

All Kit Stars brushes are made with good quality wooden handles and solid copper ferrules which are gold plated to make them stronger and hard-wearing. So not only will they last but they look beautiful. You can't really beat a bit of black and gold, can you? You can also get all of the brushes in either natural or vegan hair which is great.

The full brush kits then come with a peel down bag which when opened up folds into a brush holder. Not going to lie, I didn't notice this until I went on their website to find the link. It is such a great idea. means you can have all your brushes visible and to hand in a handy pot when you're travelling. Genius.

black and gold makeup brushes in a pink jar that says grl pwr on it in front of a mirror. There are various makeup products and a magazine on the surface.

These brushes are so damn soft that whilst writing this review I have been sat just stroking them. I think my top two are the powder brush and the shaping veil. They shaping veil brush applies my highlight beautifully and my glow looks incredible. The powder brush just feels dreamy on the face whilst blending out my powder. I'm also having a break from my beauty blender because I find that the base polisher brush applies my base better and prevents my dry skin from looking too horrendous.

Now I am no eyeshadow expert (as in I'm kinda scared of it because I have no idea what I'm doing so just stick to eyeliner) but I've had a quick play with these brushes anyway and they blend really well. All of the brushes seem to clean well and I haven't had any shedding either.

This full kit comes in at £60 which is a pretty good price for a set of brushes to do your whole face and a travel pouch. All in all, I am a fan and have been reaching for these brushes over any of my others. So here's a breakdown of all the brushes in the kit and what they are for. Prices of individual brushes range from £6-£15.

4 makeup brushes are sticking out of a black vegan leather pouch

S1 Powder Brush - Large super soft powder brush to disperse pressed or loose powder products evenly. Ideal for dusting setting powder on & knocking excess powder off that has been applied with a puff.

S2 Shaping Veil BrushSoftly tapered tip for sculpting your features. Shaping veil is a multi-tasking brush which can be used for applying powder contour and high lighting products.

S3 Blush BrushThe perfect blush brush to cradle the cheekbones to enhance your complexion with soft colour. The rounded soft tip will give you effortless control to blend your blush

S4 Base Polisher -  The base polisher has soft vegan fibres that effortlessly buff in cream, liquid and powder foundation.

4 black and gold face makeup brushes are on the table surrounded by makeup products

S30 Small Tapered Blender BrushThe perfect shape for depositing detailed definition & contour through the socket.  Its slim shape makes this the perfect all-round blender for small eyes.

S31 Tapered Blending BrushThe perfect shape for depositing definition and blending transition shades through the crease. Buff & blow your colour out to eliminate harsh lines

S32 Shader BrushThe shader brush gives control of colour placement & will evenly distribute your eye shadow. This is a paddle-shaped brush to help pack on the pigment where you need to.

6 black and gold eyeshadow brushes are on the table between two eyeshadow palettes

S33 Micro Pencil BushOur micro pencil brush is a precision eye brush and an essential for a softening precision blend. Use for precision application of tear duct highlight, softening gel liner and pencil. It also doubles up as a precision spot concealer.

S40 Easy Lip BrushThe easy lip has been designed to give you precision and control around the contours of the lip. 

S41 Short Angle Brush - This firm but flexible short angle brush will shape a defined brow. Use the flat edge of the brush to sketch a shape & the tip of the brush for realistic hair strokes.

What are your go to makeup brushes? 


*I was kindly sent this product free of price, however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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