21 August 2019

Wilde Mode Comfort Sets

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I've pretty much just been living in super cute crop tops/underwear sets from Wilde Mode recently. Honestly, they are the comfiest sets I have ever worn and we all know that I am about the comfort life

Wilde Mode was established in 2018 and is a small business based in Scotland. Every item is handmade with love by a small but dedicated team and they even donate any material scraps to textile students at a local college. Everything is gender-neutral and aims to be as inclusive as possible. The brand is all about empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and pride in being yourself.

2 pictures of me sat in my wheelchair wearing a pastel pink underwear set that says fck on it with middle finger images
Fuck What They Think Comfort Set* (Sold Out)

At the moment I only own the underwear sets but I think I will be treating myself to some boxers soon because they look so comfy for lounging around in. I absolutely adore the comfort tops and practically live in them. They are so freaking comfortable and they make the cutest lil crop tops. They don't squeeze my ribs or make me sweaty like sports bras. They also don't have any annoyingly itchy labels or uncomfortable seams which make them absolutely perfect for bad fibro days where my skin hurts. I mean if I'm going to be in agony I wanna at least do it whilst looking adorable.

The right picture is me sat in my wheelchair wearing a black and white horizontal strip under wear set. The left image is a close up of my torso showing the underwear set

Sizes range from XXS to a 6XL which is the equivalent of a size 0 to 34/36. For anyone who wants a 5 or 6XL these have their own listing (Comfort Tops & Pants) as Debz is very conscious of the fact that larger people carry their weight differently so if you drop them a message, they can help you get a set that will fit you perfectly. In all these pictures I am wearing a 3XL and wear a size 22. I think I could size down in the pants but I don't want them too tight as I tend to wear them on bad pain days.

If prints aren't your thing then they come in block colours too including black and white and you can pretty much buy the rainbow. Then print wise, they do literally have all of the rainbows as well as unicorns, skulls and so much more. Honestly, I want pretty much one of everything. They also do a mystery set where Debz picks something that she thinks you'll love from a secret set of fabrics. And if crop tops aren't your thing you can also get t-shirts.

Right image is me stood up wearing a black tee that says happy fatty on it and pants that are covered in rainbows. The left image is me stood wearing a comic book print crop top and grey joggers
Rainbow Scales comfort set* - WOW! pink comic style comfort set*
Happy Fatty Tshirt - Topsy Curvy

So if you are in the market for some new super cute and extremely comfortable underwear/loungewear whilst supporting a small business then I highly recommend checking out Wilde Mode. 

If you use the code BeTH you can get 10% off and let me know if you picked anything up because I love seeing what patterns everyone chose


* I purchased these sets with an ambassador discount code. I am not being paid to advertise the brand. My views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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