15 August 2019

OPI Tokyo Collection

I have never tried O.P.I nail polish before so when I got a few polishes to try via Influenster I was pretty excited to give them a go. Now I love having my nails painted but I am hard on my nails. Not only am I a wheelchair user but I also play wheelchair basketball and it is impossible to make a mani last through that. That means I am always changing up my colours and paint my nails once a week and am so bad for just rocking the extremely chipped look. Recently I have just been alternating between Rimmel black, a dark berry shade and a light blue so I was looking forward to mixing it up a bit. Not gonna lie, it felt weird not constantly having dark nails.

A bright pink and light pink nail polish are on a pink dish. A clear top coat and a lime green polish are next to the dish. The background consists of a chunky pink blanket, a magazine, leaves and roses

These 3 are the shades I was sent via influenster. Apart from the sparkly pink, they aren't shades I would normally go for but after giving them a go I actually really like them.

All Your Dreams In Vending Machines* - Sparkly Fuschia Pink - I absolutely adore this shade. It's bright and it sparkles. What more could you want?

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow* - Lime Green - I paired this with the sparkly pink on alternate fingers and it was so cute. I felt like a drumstick lolly. I didn't think I was going to like it but it's actually a pretty cute shade.

Rice Rice Baby* - Dusty Mauve Pink - I haven't actually worn this one yet because it's not really my kind of shade but it is a really pretty understated (ha definitely not me) colour

Dark blue and grey nail polishes are on a pink dish with a bright orange on the table next to it. The background has a magazine. roses, leaves and rings

I loved the polishes I tried so much that I went and bought 3 more from this collection and I actually got 3 from the Neons Collection too (post to come). I just found they applied well despite having quite a thin brush. They also dry really nicely and don't take too long. And, obviously the most important part, they last really well. I did a 5-hour training session and only had a bit of wear on the tips. I am really impressed.

Tempura-ture Is Rising - Bright Orange - This shade looks incredible with a tan and is so damn bright. The only downside is it does stain a bit, even with the base coat.

Kanpai OPI - Muted Blue Grey - This is such a pretty shade. It's the perfect mix of lilac and grey.

Chopstix and Stones - Deep blue with a shimmer - I think this one is my favourite out of them all. I will forever be a dark nail girl and this deep blue is gorgeous. The shimmer makes it even more beautiful and I am just obsessed. It makes me think of the night sky full of stars

Image shows a close up of the nail polish brush of a lilac grey polish.  The open bottle is sat on a pink dish in the background

Start To Finish Base coat, top coat & strengthener* - I've been using this to see if it helps with my super weak and flaky nail. It's not as good as Renunail which sorts out my nails in a week but it does an okay job. It also adds a great shine when used as a top coat. However, as mentioned the orange shade did stain even when using this.

I do plan on updating this post when I actually remember to take photos of the various shades actually on my nails so keep an eye on twitter for updates.

What is your go to nail polish brand?


*I was kindly sent this product free of price, however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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