13 July 2015

Personalised Hoodies

I've been meaning to get this post up for aaages. In April I think it was my family and I went to Devon. I did a couple of posts on one of our meals and horse riding but I never got around to the coolest part.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen that I got a fabulous Pink hoodie.

Naww look at us. We look like abandoned old people.

Anyway back to the hoodies. When we were on holiday we went to Paignton. Stupidly we went Bank Holiday Monday and it was sooo busy but apart from that it was a lovely day out filled with sunshine and food.

My brother, a very keen shopper, noticed this shop was doing personalisations from £5. He has wanted one for ages so he dragged us in.

Choosing a colour was the start of many tough decisions. I am not  a very decisive person at the best of times and being put on the spot by my mum made it so much harder. I was tempted by a more neutral grey and pink one but the pink matched my hair so it was meant to be. I sized up but looking back I wish I hadn't as they are quite roomy.

They have loads of designs and pictures that you can pick from and when you choose what you want you can pick out of a huge amount of fonts and then you can pick your colour. See my issue? I was given way too much choice. I couldn't cope. My brother desperately wanted the wheelchair symbol and when we asked they said they could find one for us but the printing would take a bit longer. This was fine because it meant we got to go back the next day and have more ice cream.

They are such lovely people and so helpful. The hoodies and t-shirts go up to a 5XL and they have kids sizes so they cater for a wide range of sizes. You can get bags, hats, shorts, tops. So much choice. I could spend a fortune in there.

They do have a website but we were told that they don't have a secure payment page so if you phone up you can give your details over the phone and they will post it out to you.

I'm definitely going to be getting another hoodie. Thinking maybe having "Not A Morning Person" put on it so cheery people don't try and talk to me at stupid oclock.

What do you think?


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