10 August 2015

Elegant Touch Pink Express Nails

Oh my god guys. Check me out. Thats four posts in four days. I might actually be pulling myself out of this hole and getting back to what I love. I also have loads more post ideas to write up. I'm excited.

Soo this post may or may not be extremely late going up as I wore these nails for my graduation. I have an OOTD to come as well if I can find any decent photos of me just in my dress and not my gown. Anyway I was wearing a black dress and fabulous pink shoes which paired with my pink hair I thought I should go all out pink. This meant pink nails as well. I was going to get them done professionally but I ran out of time and money, Also I really love Elegant touch express nails. I bought the Elegant Touch Express Nails in Polished Vibrant Pink the day before I actually graduated and applied them in about 3mins before I rushed out the door for food.

Elegant Touch Pink Express Nails
Ring - Antique shop

 Midi Ring - Black Tied
Silver Ring - Antique Shop
Thumb Ring - Shop Dixi

Elegant touch express nails

I was worried they would look too barbie but I actually loved how they looked. In fact they made me look more tanned than I am and they went amazingly with my gorgeous Gemporia ring. They are so easy to apply. You just have to select the right sizes, pull off the plastic and stick them on and Ta-da gorgeous nails. They lasted about 5 days on me but I'm really hard on my nails and wash my hands a lot (curse of a tiny bladder #TMI). They did however last a day of my wheelchair skills training with constantly manually pushing my chair.

I received so many compliments on my nails as well as my extreme colour co-ordinating as I was even rocking a bright pink lip.

If you fancy them they are currently a 1/3 off at Superdrug so go go go.

Have you tried Elegant Touch Nails?
Which are your favourites?


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