8 August 2015

Whizz Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training

As you may know if you read my blog I have been doing a work placement with Whizz Kidz. They are an amazing charity that provide support for disabled young people and provide them with the encouragement, support and life skills to gain independence, confidence and the skills to use their wheelchairs effectively in every day life and overcome any potential problems.


I have now helped organise and run two Wheelchair Skills Training events and it has been so much fun and incredibly rewarding. I have loved every minute of it minus the being shown up in my reversing skills by a 3 year old. That kid had some skillz. I felt like a proud parent when they over came things that they were previously scared of doing and when they realised they could do it.

Wheelchair skills training uses games and fun activities to teach the young people how to use their chairs properly and effectively and to gain confidence in themselves. I wish I'd had something like this growing up because maybe then I would have actually used my chair more and not missed out so much. I wasn't confident and I hated using my chair. Now after gaining experience I love my chair (Willamina) and use it all the time making my life easier (She's not in the picture because my dad was actually packing her in the car when I made my mum take a quick picture for me).

I loved seeing all the young people have an amazing time, make friends and I actually got to witness their confidence grow. There were young people who were extremely nervous who by the end of the 3 days were whizzing around, going outside and bending in and out of cones expertly. It also helped with their confidence with making friends. Some of the young people were a bit nervous about being separated from their parents for a bit and by the end they didn't want to go home which is always a success. Also getting to play loads of games is a massive pro.

Whizz Kidz proves that you can still have a hell of a lot of fun in a wheelchair and get to enjoy amazing experiences.

In a couple of weeks we're doing a sailing event which I am soo excited for. Its going to be amazing.

You can also see my previous posts on my work placement and one of the ambassador clubs. Also if you know any wheelchair users or are a wheelchair user aged 14-25 in Wales let me know if you're interested in joining the Whizz Kidz family


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