30 January 2015

EasyAcc Portable Charger

Phone batteries suck. Gone are the days when you could use your phone for a week before even having to think about having to find your charger. I mean I found the phone that I had in year 10 the other day and it still turned on and had about 5% battery left. That was over 5 years ago. Magic is the only logical explanation.

So now whenever we leave the house we face the huge dilemma of whether to actually use our phones or save the battery for emergencies such as important selfie moments and what not. Or there is the trying to find a plug socket where ever you go scenario.

Portable chargers are now a necessity and I only recently treated myself to one after constantly stealing my brothers. I bought one in tesco for a tenner and it was pretty crap. I couldn't even get a full charge out of it so I never actually used it. I finally gave in to the fact that I would have to spend a bit more, all the ones I found in stores were £30, when I found this one on amazon.

It is a 5000mAh USB charger suitable for all phones and tablets I believe. I dunno I'm not technical. I obviously got the white and blue one but there are a few other colour choices and mine cost £14.99 down from £25.99. I also noticed today that they have the 10000mAh version for £18.99 down from £45.99 so theres an even better bargain for you.

This charger gives about 3 full chargers and charges nice and quickly. It also charges my iPad. Its the same kind size as my phone so is easy to carry around. My only issue with it is it turns itself on sometimes so the battery goes down quicker. It also only comes with the cable for a samsung phone but I had a short iphone cable lying around (stole from a family member but shh).

This battery pack has made my life so much easier and means I don't have to panic about running out of charge when I'm out. Also means you don't have to lie on your side in bed because your phone is plugged into the wall. Success

Anyone else have a portable charger?


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