28 January 2015

Elegant Touch Minnie Mouse Nails

I've never really been a fan of false nails. I always thought they would be more faff than they are worth plus I'm pretty hard on my nails so wasn't sure how long they would last. I tried the Elegant Touch Aztec nails a while ago and loved them but could only actually keep them on for 3 days as I was doing something that required me taking them off. Since then I kind of forgot about them.

I remembered that I had these Minnie Mouse style nails last week when I was supposed to be revising. Yeah procrastination. I decided to give them another go as I didn't have enough time to paint my nails and wait for them to dry but having naked nails was driving me insane. Plus I needed something to cheer me up whilst drowning in a sea of microbiology.

This was after a week of wear

They are so easy to apply. It took me no longer than 5 mins to do both hands. You just select the right size nail, peel of the back and then stick it on and ta-da beautiful nails. I've had mine on for a week and I've only had one nail fall off which only happened because it got stuck in my hair and the hair got yanked. It did freak my flatmate out though as he thought my actual nail had fallen off so worth it for the amusement. I did get them stuck in my hair a lot but you have to suffer for awesome nails.

I am so in love with these nails and am a massive false nail convert. So much easier to get fun nails when you lack the patience or the steady hand to do nail art.

Are you a falsies fan?
Which are your favourites?


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