15 January 2015

Acceptable Revision Life

I've been quiet on the blog recently as it is once again that awful time of year... Exam time. I hate exams but I hate revision more. So I thought I'd write this post after a hard days revision whilst I kick back and watch Lion King 2 to prevent me from crying out of stress.

Here are a few of the things that it is perfectly acceptable to do during exam period, with no judgement whatsoever. Its practically the rules that you can't judge anyone's behaviour, no matter how weird, if its exam time.

1. Drink a billion cups of coffee/tea - I mean isn't it the rules that you have to take a break so that definitely means putting the kettle on every 20 mins and drinking so much you can constantly hear it sloshing around in your stomach

2. Eat all the junk food - Technically known as brain fuel. Its science

3. Take a nap on top of your notes - Diffusion or osmosis or something scientific definitely takes place and all the information you need moves into your brain whilst you get some zzz's. You can trust me, Im doing a science degree

4. Buy all the coloured pens and cute stationery - Your notes definitely need to be colourful and pretty and post it notes everywhere

5. Have the weirdest conversations - I've had serious conversations with a flatmate about some seriously strange topics. We even re-enacted the titanic with a cardboard boat and ice cubes in the sink to procrastinate and found it hilarious. What is wrong with us you ask? Exams, exams is whats wrong with us

6. Lose the ability to form sentences - There's only so much your brain can cope with so speaking with the correct English is not a priority

7. Get emotional over silly things - Wanting to cry over the lack of snacks, getting angry over the strength of your tea. It's fine blame it on the exams.

8. Rock pyjamas and a top knot all day everyday - You can spend the whole time in pjs (even have food stains) and no one will ask if you're going to get dressed or wash your hair because it's exams and no one cares about clothes.

9. Treat yourself after an exam or getting a certain amount of revision done - It's not bribery if you do it to yourself.

I mean I class these as acceptable most of the time but they are pretty much the normal during exams

If any of you have exams, good luck and don't forget to treat yourself


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