5 January 2015

Favourite Kids Films

After announcing on twitter that I wouldn't be joining the #bbloggers chat because I was watching How to train your dragon instead I ended up multitasking because I couldn't stay away. I then got chatting to Katie from K Nel about our favourite Kids films and how being a big kid and the oldest in the cinema without kids is always fun. I mean if the kids don't stare at you because you're laughing too loud you're doing it wrong. We then decided to do a collab on our favourite kids films so go check hers out too.

I'm pretty sure kids films are the biggest section of my very large film collection. They're easy to arch and usually pretty funny and I love the gorgeous animations. I also find they are a,asking for when I'm ill and can't really concentrate on much but need distracting.

Top 3 Disney

1. Princess & the Frog - This film is hugely underrated in my opinion. I mean it has a jazz playing alligator and a red neck glow fly what more could you want. I love everything about this film (minus what happens to ray - which may even be sadder than Lion King) and it's my go to film to cheer me up when I'm ill. Plus everyone needs a friend like Lottie, how awesome is she.

2. Lion King - One of the classics. Everyone loves this film minus the whole Mufasa bit which makes me cry every time. Timon & Pumba are the coolest adoptive parents ever and the songs are so catchy. Can't wait to be king is always belted out at our pre-drinks

3. Hercules - One of the sassiest films of all time. Hades is such a sassy guy, I love him. The songs in this film are also amazing. I have them all and sing along in the car every time like a true adult.

Top 3 Non- Disney

1. Shrek 1 & 2 - but if I had to choose just one then probably 2. Its one of those films that gets better as you get older. So many hidden jokes for the older people. Also, Donkey is such a babe. I need a talking donkey in my life.

2. How to train your Dragon - Pet dragons are life. I need a pet toothless. Hiccup is the best hero ever. Clumsy just like me. Plus badass girl taking charge of the situation and riding dragons. Also, Vikings are like Pirates and really couldn't care if you're disabled, it just makes you more badass. I haven't seen 2 yet but I do have it so this will be rectified soon and I've heard its also amazing.

3. The Road to El Dorado - This film is epic. Tulio & Miguel end up in El Dorado and are mistaken for Gods which they try and keep up, with difficulty. Their banter and obsession with gold is hilarious. There should definitely have been a sequel.

What are your favourite kids films?


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