4 February 2016

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set

If you don't know Sarah from Sarah in Wonderland then your bank balance is probably much happier than mine. Seriously she's such an enabler. However, she also has excellent taste in makeup and always knows what will suit me. She's my go to when I don't know what colour lipstick to buy and you should totally check out her blog because it's magical.

Sarah told me I needed the Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick set and she was so right. This set satisfies all three of my loves. Nude, Red and Dark. They are all perfect and I'm obsessed with them. Also the packaging is just too pretty.

stila eternal love liquid lipstick set

stila eternal love liquid lipstick set

They feel super creamy going on and they are easy to work with. Unlike some matte liquid lipsticks these don't feel super dry and cracky (totally a thing) on the lips. They are some of the least drying matte lipsticks I've tried, which is a massive bonus for me as my lips are always dry. I do tend to use a scrub before wearing them but they don't cling to dry patches which I loove about them. 

The colour pay-off of these lippies is beyond amazing and the lasting power is incredible, like 6-7ish hours incredible. I'm so lazy when it comes to touching up lipsticks that this is a massive plus for me. Also another plus is they smell amazzzing. They smell like cake. What more could you ask for? 

They're also pretty good for not transferring as I demonstrated by kissing my brothers hand. He then smacked me in the mouth to prove they do transfer. So you're good for kissing but not for fighting. Obviously they do wear away in the centre if you eat particularly messy/oily foods or drink a billion cups of tea but they don't crack or crumble when you reapply so it's all good. 

stila eternal love liquid lipstick set swatches

I think baci is probably my favourite and is now my go to nude and it's like nothing I own. However this is closely followed by ricco as it's just such a gorgeous dark lip colour and I'm all about that fierce look.

I don't think you can buy this set any more but you can buy the colours individually from the Stila website and you totally should because I said so.

I definitely want to try some more Stila products and will be getting some more liquid lips as they are just amazing.

What are your favourite lip colours from Stila?
What other products should I be trying?


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