14 February 2016

Love Yourself This Valentines

Happy Valentines day. I hope you have all been spoilt either by a loved one or yourself (MAC Viva Glam Ariana happy valentines to me). Obviously it doesn't need to be expensive to make you feel good. A cuppa wrapped up in bed with a fluffy blanket, maybe with your loved one or your dog (which is clearly the same thing).

Today is the day for self love. You're awesome and deserve it. You don't need anyone else to make you feel special. I did a post last year on putting yourself first and just taking a break and this one is kind of similar. Do what makes you happy

- Buy the extravagant coffee or make a hot chocolate with all the whipped cream and marshmallows

- Have a dance. Blast that music and bust out your best & worst dance moves. Belt out that song that you're don't know all the lyrics to.

- Treat yourself to that lipstick you've wanted for ages, you deserve it

- Have a lie in and don't feel guilty about not doing anything

- Watch those cheesy movies that you hate to admit you love (everyone has that cheesy film they love)

- Eat that cake. You know you want to. Cake is delicious

- Stay in your pyjamas all day. I mean I do most of the time anyway

- Or put on those gorgeous clothes you never get to wear. Have a fashion show for yourself and glam yourself up.

- Whack on that makeup. Nothing makes me feel as fierce as some banging wings and a bold lip

- Take all the selfies. Good selfies are good for the soul and I am a huge believer in taking as many as possible. Post them on Instagram. Can't choose between 4 fabulous angles? Post them all. You're flawless.

- Use that gorgeous smelling bath bomb (unless baths make you die like me then maybe just sit in the shower for an hour and use that shower gel you try to save)

- Cut out the people that make you feel like crap on social media. You don't need that negativity in your life.

- Buy yourself that gorgeous bunch of flowers (don't forget to instagram them), Who says someone has to buy them for you?

- Go for a drive just to get out the house and see new places.

- Check out that cute book shop/cafe you always pass & never get to go in

This post doesn't just apply to Valentines day. If you're ever feeling crappy and down just think of one thing you love doing and that makes you smile and do it.

What makes you smile?


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