11 February 2016

#LoveIsAtoZ with Zazzle

As you guys probably know (unless like me you never have a clue what day it is) it is Valentines day soon. You know that day before you can buy all the discounted chocolate. Zazzle contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a post. Being single and all that I never celebrate Valentines (but if you wanna send me chocolate I'll gladly celebrate). Anyway when I saw the post was nothing to do with romance I was game. #LoveIsAtoZ is all about celebrating the many other types of love and spreading that warm feeling.

The task was to spread the love on Valentines day with tokens of appreciation for the special people in your life. This includes the Aunties that buy you that lipstick you've been lusting after, Grandparents that give you socks and biscuits so you don't get cold or hungry, friends that hold your hair after a messy night out and parents that put up with your crap, feed you and do your laundry. 

My parents are the first people I thought about when I read the email. They do so much for me and I would be lost without them. They are my carers, my best friends and my life line. My mum is a star. She works full time and cares for two disabled children and never puts herself first. My dad works away but I know he's always there for me and he makes an excellent secretary. He makes all of my phone calls because he knows that they make my anxiety go through the roof. They are my rocks. If you're reading this I love you.

Now you may Speak Mug* - This one is for my dad. He is just like me. We both queue at the kettle in the morning and can't start life without a cuppa. We both get grumpy if we are forced to leave without our hot beverage of choice.

Love you to the Moon and Back Mug* - As kids my mum always used to say this and then we'd compete saying that we loved her to the moon and back x infinity. This was our bed time ritual and as soon as I saw this it brought back so many good memories.

Though She Be Little, She is Fierce Pink Gold Poster* Out of the group of my friends the majority of us are short. Massive sorry to that one friend who was actual human size who we made look like a giant every night out. We may all be small but we are definitely fierce. We've survived a lot and looked cute doing it. I love all my friends and there is so much I couldn't have got through without them. We may all now live miles apart but we will always have each others backs.

Massive love for the times they sat up with me at 3am waiting for a doctor, the nights we sat & ate toast drunk waiting for the spinning to stop, the time we were the only ones that dressed up for a fancy dress party, all the ugly photos, putting up with my weird body, all the mcdonalds runs with no judgement and so much more.

I haven't taken these pictures because 2 of the products are held up in production & postage and I could not for the life of me get a decent shot of the vest. I got angry and gave up

Personalised Compact Mirror* This is another one for my mum. She's always moaning that she doesn't have a mirror. I thought there was no better mirror than one with my face on it. You're welcome mum. There are so many shapes and you can personalise them in anyway you want. Text, any image. The possibilities are endless and they are the perfect gift for so many people.

Leg Day Vest* Time for a shout out to my brother. He can be the biggest pain in the ass but he's my pain in the ass. We are so close and I can't imagine not pissing about with him. He's always there to cheer me up when I feel like crap. He 100% understands what I'm going through with my body as he's in the same boat and we support each other through the tough days and the long nights.

This vest is because of one of those winding each other up things. Ollie randomly lost the use of his legs 2 years ago. He now uses a wheelchair all the time. Because of this his legs obviously don't get used and have wasted away. He's also massively into sport, gym etc. so I always joke that he shouldn't have skipped leg day. Plus he kind of looks like the drawing, sorry ol. My mum is more loving and calls him chopstick legs. We're such a caring family.

Face Shit Makeup Bag* This is one for me. I'm an extremely special person to myself. You've got to show yourself love and what better day to do it than Valentines day.

Zazzle is the perfect place to get your tokens of appreciation because everything is customisable and can be made perfect for those special people in your life.

Who do you want to show the love this Valentines day?


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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