17 January 2016

Not So Serious Goals For 2016

I'm not very good at making plans mainly because my health is so unpredictable. All these goal posts have also been scaring me a lil bit. As a now unemployed disabled graduate looking to the future is a tad scary. Making goals that I might fail at also puts far too much pressure on me. Aint nobody got time for that. I live life by taking one day at a time so I thought I'd compile a list of some not so serious goals. This kind of follows on from the Not So Serious Things I Learnt in 2015.

Why is finding a picture to go with a lifestyle post so difficult? So you can just have me as a Princess. You're welcome.

1. Get a tattoo - This is the year I finally get one. I've wanted one for so long and I'm going to find time to take the plunge and do it,

2. Drink more tea - I feel like I've been slacking on the tea drinking recently. This needs to change. There are so many teas out there I haven't tried yet. This is not on

3. Buy more lipstick - I do not have enough lipsticks in my life. If my parents tell you I do they're lying. What do they know anyway? So many colours so little time.

4. Watch more of my Netflix watch-list - I have so many shows to watch. I can never choose what to watch first. Life is full of such difficult decisions

5. Wake up earlier - I am the worlds worst morning person. I seriously suck at it and if you wake me up and don't bring coffee you may lose your head. However I also hate wasting the day sleeping. Annd if I woke up earlier I could work on my netflix watchlist (and also do other more productive things)

6. Wear something other than pyjamas - If I'm at home there is a 99% chance I am in pyjamas. If I've had to pop to the shops there is also a very high chance I am in pyjamas. They're just so damn comfy. But I have a wardrobe full of clothes I never wear. I should probably change that or I could sell them and buy more pyjamas.

7. Get better at painting my nails - Seriously it looks like a 5 year old has painted them. In fact a 5 year old could probably do a better job. Maybe I should find a child to paint my nails for me instead

8. Find where my socks disappear to - I always buy socks and yet I have one pair of bambi socks. Then I have to steal socks from my brother whilst bambi is being washed. This is a dilemma because he is very protective of his socks. Plus he also has size 10 feet so his socks are a tad big for my size 6. WHERE DO ALL MY SOCKS GO?

9. Try more ice cream flavours - Soo many flavours that need to be tried.

10. Learn how to adult better - I suck so bad at adulting. I'm 22 and my mum has to do important paperwork and phone calls for me. I mean I have to be reminded to eat.

11. Buy more matching underwear - I own one pair of matching underwear and the bra doesnt even fit properly. This needs to be rectified ASAP.

What are your not so serious goals for 2016?


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