4 January 2016

Elegant Touch House of Holland Glitterbug Nails

If you keep up with my ramblings on twitter then you will have seen these nails and how much I struggled to function as a human after I first put them on. Seriously I felt like when you put shoes on a dog and they cant walk. It was hilarious. I am definitely not used to long nails and am surprised I didn't lose an eye.

The House of Holland Glitterbug nails are seriously gorgeous and I couldn't stop looking at them. I got so many compliments and was so sad when I had to take them off. Just a shame I couldn't type with them. Seriously how do you do it. I had to get my brother to put my pin in for me one day because I couldn't press the buttons.

They were really easy and super quick to apply and they lasted pretty well. I think I took them off after 6 days because I was supposed to be going bowling. I only had two fall off and both of them were wheelchair related. Damn spokes #WheelchairProblems. I will definitely be trying more from the range and they are perfect for parties. Plus they are so freaking sparkly.

Elegant Touch House of Holland Glitterbug Nails

Elegant touch glitterbug nails

glitterbug false nails

I've also tried the Elegant touch express range which I love including the Pink, Minnie Mouse and Bright Tribal nails.
Have you tried any of the House of Holland range?


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