16 December 2015

Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion

Aka heaven in a tube. No seriously I am so in love with this magical lotion. I was given a sample of the Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion and instantly fell in love. It's very similar to deep heat but kinder to your skin. I react really badly to deep heat. It brings me out in a horrific itchy red rash and feels like my skin is actually burning so I could never use it. Such dark times.

When I realised the Aloe Heat Lotion smelt of deep heat I was a bit nervous about putting it on my skin. I used the majority of the sample on my brothers back when he was in hospital. For once I was sensible and tested a tiny patch on my arm and hoped for the best. The whole ward smelt of deep heat and my brother said it really helped and massive bonus points NO REACTION so we ordered a tube pronto.

forever living aloe heat lotion

If you suffer from aches and pains in any part of your body then I highly recommend this. Its a bit pricey at £12.73 but it is so worth it. I put it on most nights before I attempt to sleep and my brother has it massaged into his back every night. My poor mum has to go round the house massaging us before bed (Thanks mum you're a star). I use it on my knees, hips, wrists, back, shoulder, elbow, neck. The list goes on. I also tried it for headaches but I prefer my 4Head stick for that as it feels cool on your skin.

The heat lotion does make your skin tingle but in a nice way not a I want to rip my skin off because its burning way like Deep heat did. It's also makes your skin feel pretty soft. Luckily I love the scent as well because that's pretty much my signature scent at the moment. Who needs perfume anyway?

We've had to buy another tube because my brother and I were constantly fighting over it and I now carry one with me wherever I go to help ease any pain when I'm trying to have a life. I'm quite often whacking out my legs to rub some of this in. Perfectly normal behaviour.

So if you're struggling with this crappy weather as much as I am then I definitely recommend a tube of this and a hot water bottle.

Have you tried it?


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