9 January 2016

15 Things I Learnt in 2015

I have been truly terrible at blogging recently. I swear I only seem to post once a month. I will do better, I promise. I'm trying to get super organised now but I have a massive flare kicking my ass so we'll see if that goes to plan. I really want this year to be the year that I take my blog more seriously and interact more with other amazing bloggers.

I thought today I'd do a not so serious post of some of the things 2015 taught me including how beyond gorgeous sunsets are.

15 things I learnt in 2015

1. Reaching for the stars is very dangerous and will result in injury. Damn S Club 7 and their catchy tune. Dislocated shoulder anyone?

2. Pink hair makes people react in weird ways. There's staring, squealing from children, evils from serious people, and best of all, the massive smiles. Children think you are magical what's not to like?

3. Turkey dinosaurs cook better in a hot oven. Who knew? But I didn't die so it's all good.

4. Life without Netflix is not a life worth living. Maybe a tad dramatic but seriously what did I do before netflix. How did I cope with my insomnia and bed bound days. Netflix is life.

5. Hoodies and leggings are pretty much the only clothes you need for winter complimented of course by a pair of super fluffy socks. I honestly cant remember the last time I wore anything else.

6. There is no point even looking for a pair of trousers that you don't have to turn up when you are only 5ft 3. Just accept defeat and move on. At least you can pull your trousers over your feet for extra warmth in winter.

7. Blanket scarves and capes are hands down the best thing ever invented. A blanket you can take with you. Genius. I am never leaving the house without one again.

8. Drinks taste better from cute cups. Fact.

9. Dry shampoo is an actual life saviour and you should never be without a can. Washing your hair every day is so last year (not that I ever did that because effort).

10. Going out is expensive & overrated. Cosy nights in are definitely the way forward and you don't even have to get dressed. Hangovers also get way worse the older you get but getting to pet some random guys extremely fluffy huskies makes it slightly better. You sir are a true gentleman, thanks for taking pity on us.

11. I will never have enough DVD storage. Or enough DVDs.

12. I will never ever be good at mornings. Ever. Seriously whoever wakes me up faces hell. I'm a bitch and my mum once thought I was going to run over an old lady because it was early & I hadn't had coffee (spoiler: I wasnt going to but I did rant at her for taking too long. Sorry bout that.)

13. Fairy lights make a room super cosy and are one of lifes essentials. Fairy lights for everyone. Also candles but they aren't worth the lectures you get when your dad is a fireman.

14. Graduating Uni is terrifying and very few people actually have a plan for what to do afterwards. Just winging my life and my eyeliner tbh

15. You can make amazing and extremely weird but wonderful friends online. Seriously I'd be lost without them. They are a strange bunch though & they constantly blow up my phone

I'm sure I probably learnt real life serious things in 2015 too as well as a crap load of biochemistry which I have instantly forgotten but who wants to hear about that.

What did you learn in 2015?


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